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If you do 100 situps a day how long will it take you to get a visible 6-pack?


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six pack is only visible if your fat % is 'low'. you will have to loose fat all over your body, because you cant 'burn' fat in only one region (waist). youll have to carefully look at your carb/calorie consumption and number of meals pr day. read different articles about fitness & health, and make yourself a proper meal - training routine. no pills or tricks needed for a fit body.

sit ups without legs fixed is said to be more safe for your back than fixed ones. renegade dumbell rows, full front squats, hanging leg raises, bicycle crunches and hip raises (on a bench) is also said to be some of the better 'power' excercises to work the abs. also, super strict form is way better than many unsymetrical/sloppy/momentum reps.