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six pack is only visible if your fat % is 'low'. you will have to loose fat all over your body, because you cant 'burn' fat in only one region (waist). youll have to carefully look at your carb/calorie consumption and number of meals pr day. read different articles about fitness & health, and make yourself a proper meal - training routine. no pills or tricks needed for a fit body.

sit ups without legs fixed is said to be more safe for your back than fixed ones. renegade dumbell rows, full front squats, hanging leg raises, bicycle crunches and hip raises (on a bench) is also said to be some of the better 'power' excercises to work the abs. also, super strict form is way better than many unsymetrical/sloppy/momentum reps.

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How many situps does it take to burn calories?

5 situps burns one calorie.

I am a guy at 5'10 140lbs I do 100 sit ups per day how long should it take to get a six pack?

A long time. Generally you should be doing situps "until failure."

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How long does it take to get a toned stomach doing situps?

depending on the amount of fat present, and the intensity/frequency of your workouts, the average joe could get it done in 6 weeks if you worked hard and often and did ab workouts other than just situps, there are other similar yet more effective ones u are missing out on.

How long does it take to lose belly fat after pregnancy?

I had a ceasarean and it only took me a month and a half. I did 100 situps everyday, and I drink plenty of water. It dropped off before I even notice.

How many situps does it take a day to get a six pack?

It takes more than situps to develop a "six-pack". You also need to lose any fat on your belly. Other exercises like ab crunches and others are also needed. But, to answer your question, morning and evening every other day, perform as many situps as you can. If you aren't tryyyying to squeeze in juuuuust one more situp at the end of your exercise time, your aren't doing enough. If you do your situps every day, you risk injury that can set the process back by months. The number of situps depends on how strong your abs are, to begin with.

How many sit ups will you have to do to burn 500 calories?

For a 160 pound person performing situps at a moderate rate, it will take a little less than 2 hours of continuous situps to burn 500 calories. It will take less time for people who weigh more and will take longer for those who weigh less. Situps are not a great exercise for burning calories, but they can strengthen your abdominal muscles well. Compare it to running at 8 miles per minute, where the same 160 pound person can burn almost 500 calories in only 30 minutes.

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What is the most effective excercise for burning calories?

take a jog every afternoon and then later in the evening after all the sitting around, do sum situps x

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