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Your Pre- Veterinary course work is taken at the undergraduate level. Individuals who apply to veterinarian schools come from a variety of fields. You must make sure you have a good foundation in the exact sciences and math.

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Q: If you do a bachelor in biology and then go to veterinary school when you do the pre-veterinary?
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Does Harvard have a zoology or veterinary department?

Harvard does not have a school of veterinary medicine, but it likely has a zoologyor biology department.

What do you need to go to veterinary school?

A bachelor's degree with good grades.

What education will you need to become a veterinarian in the United Kingdom?

You will need to complete the curriculum at a School of Veterinary Medicine and receive a Bachelor's in Veterinary Medicine or Veterinary Science.

Please suggest some good veterinary school for doing bachelor's degree course in veterinary science in US?

There are various top veterinary schools in US that are conducting 4 years bachelor degree courses in veterinary science. Some of them are following- Mercy College Globe University Minnesota School of Business

What kind of bachelor's degree do you need before you can go to school to be a chiropractor?


What is a Marine Biology Degree Called?

The first degree you would get to become a marine biologist is a Bachelor of Science in Marine Biology, or a Bachelor of Science in Biology with an emphasis in Marine Biology. for further degrees you would need to go to graduate school to get your Masters in Marine Biology.

What majors are for Veterinary?

There are pre-veterinary medicine majors out there (I actually graduated with a BS in pre-veterinary medicine), but they aren't as useful as a straight science major. Most applicants to vet school have a BS in chemistry, biology, zoology, etc. - one of the core hard sciences. There are also a number of applicants with bachelor's degrees in agriculture, animal science, etc.

What is a BVSc?

A BVSc is a Bachelor of Veterinary Science, a bachelor's degree for studies in veterinary science in the United Kingdom and some other countries, which allows someone to be a veterinarian in the United States if the degree is conferred from an American Veterinary Medical Association accredited school and if the candidate passes the NAVLE exam.

What is the difference between pre veterinary medicine and veterinary medicine majors?

Pre-veterinary medicine is a major available at some schools for an undergraduate (Bachelor's) degree. Veterinary medicine is the major that students enrolled in graduate school (vet school) take. Those who want to be a veterinarian must complete the veterinary medicine major at a vet school; it is not required for a veterinarian to have completed the pre-veterinary medicine major for a Bachelor's degree. However, the pre-vet major does focus on ensuring that students enrolled in the program will have completed all pre-requisite classes to apply to vet school.

What kind of degree is needed to get into Ohio State Veterinary school?

There is no degree required at all, actually - The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine does not require a Bachelor's degree for admission into the college. However, most applicants do have a Bachelor's degree and the typical majors are biology, chemistry or animal science. The fun part is, you don't have to have a specific major to be admitted to vet school - one of my classmates had a BA in fashion design and was a very successful vet student.

What is the duration of studies to become a pharmacist?

High school diploma, then you get your bachelor's with a major in Biology or Biochemistry and then go to grad school.

What college major would a veterinarian choose?

In veterinary school, the major is veterinary medicine. In undergraduate college in the United States before vet school, there is no required major, although biology, chemistry and animal science are popular choices.

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