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Your body produces HCG only during pregnancy.

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Q: If you do not have a period because of being on birth control previously can your hcg be low because of not having a period?
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Why am I having period cramps when i'm not on my period and i am taking birth control?

You are probably just having the cramps because your body isn't used to not having your period, although I don't see why you aren't having your period if you are on birth control. You should ask that!

How can you make you period come a week later?

by having period control pills.

Should you get your period around the same days after stopping taking birth control pills?

No you will unfortunately not get your period around the same time as you previously did. It will take 3 months for the hormones in birth control to be out of your system and because of this it can take this long for your periods to regulate themselves.

How can you stop from having your period?

Take birth control pills.

If your girlfriend is on birth control and she gets off to have her period and you go in her while she is on her period does the pill still work?

Nope!!!! If you mean having sex while she is not on birth control pills. she WILL get pregnet. If she is having her period and she is not on pills and you have sex with her, she is gonna get pregnet.

Could you be pregnant if you have been off of birth control for 4 months and still got your period but you have really sore nipples?

Hello. Because you got your period then you definitely are not pregnant hun. Sore nipples are PMS symptoms and do come with having a period unfortunately. Even if its unusual for you, its because of the period.

Can you get pregnant before your period starts after stopping the birth control pill?

if your not having your period you probably are pregnant already

How do you stop a girl from having her period?

If she uses a continuous type of birth control.

Chance of being pregnant while on birth control and having your period?

depends on your birth control, typically 1%

If your period is two days early and its light are you pregnant?

No, because you are having your period.

Why are you not having your period?

Its because your age some get their period early some don't .

What are the methods of having early period?

you cannot control when your period comes, so there aren't any early methods.... your period is control-ed by the medulla which is the part of the brain that controls the uncontrollable- breathing ect.

Is the reason i have been having my period off and on for three weeks because i missed some birth control pills?

Missing pills to often can cause this proplem.

Does you period still start the same day of the week after restarting the Birth Control pill?

I recently just restarted birth control after a month of being off of it and was previously on it for a year, during this time I started my period every Tuesday, since restarting birth control would my period still be on a Tuesday if I was a Sunday starter?? :)

Could you be pregnant if you had protected sex on birth control and you were having your period but now have cramps and pains in you pelvis?

No, the cramps are probably from your period or if they could be from the 'workout' you got having sex.

Can a fourteen year old be put on birth control?

depends if you want it because you are having sex or because your period is irragular, talk to your parents and if they think it is ok. then go with them to the doctor and you can be percribed it, but not with out their permission

Do you bleed during sex if you are on your period?

Yes you bleed because you are in your period and there is no way to cut your period by 10 min. Be aware of having it in your period because it is easier to get STD and your bf may suffer an infection. Also having in your period do not prevent pregnancy. Some girls get pregnant in their period.

Can you get pregnant when you stop birth control and you haven't had your period for 4 months?

Yes, you may get pregnant a couple of weeks before your next period arrives. But if you aren't on hormonal birth control and haven't had a period in four months, it makes sense to contact your health care provider for an exam and advice. While not having a period while using hormonal birth control is not dangerous, there can be risks from not having a period when you're not taking hormones.

Why would a woman get her period twice in a month?

A woman can get her period twice a month for multiple reasons such as missing her birth control or having an irregular period cycle.

Is it normal not to have a period at the end of your birth control pack?

some birth control pills you get ur period once every 3 months. also if you skip the placebo's at the end of the pack and go straight to the next pack that also stops you from having your period that month. other then that ask your gyno because you may be pregnant..

What if you start birth control one week after period?

If you are not having sex/unprotected sex, you can start your birth control whenever you want.

How do you get monthly period early?

You can only control your menstruation by medicine, like birth control pills. If you are pregnant only carrying the baby to term or having an abortion will make you get your period back.

Why did the Heian Period end?

because the clans took control

What period is the actual regular period not because of stopping birth control?

It varies, about 28 days.

When is the right time to take a pregnancy test if you are on birth control?

Chances are if you are on birth control and think that you may be pregnant that you have either missed a period or are having symptoms. If you have missed a period you can take a test at anytime now. If you are having symptoms you can take a test, or wait for your period to be late to see what happens. ~pawsalmighty