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Hello. No not that I know of it shouldn't affect how heavy or light your period flow is. But anything is possible as not every single period is the same. :-)

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Q: If you don't ovulate will that affect how heavy your flow is during menstruation?
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What is the main cause of heavy bleeding during menstruation?

Heavy bleeding during menstruation is usually related to a hormonal imbalance.

What are the symptoms of unhealthy menstruation?

Symptoms of unhealthy menstruation can vary greatly.Generally speaking if you experience irregular cycles, heavy bleeding, menstrual cramps, sickness, etc. during menstruation these are all signs of a problem.

Is it normal for a guinea pig to bleed a lot during her menstruation period?

Guinea pigs have estrus not human menstruation. This time of their season they do bleed. Sometimes it is heavy sometimes not.

Can depression affect your period?

Yes, depression can have an impact on menstruation. It won't cause issues like irregularity or heavy flow, but research has shown that women who suffer depression are more likely to experience PMS symptoms such as depression during menstruation. Often feeling negatively towards menstruation can in turn produce physical symptoms such as worsening menstrual cramps.

How do you control heavy menstruation?

uhh.. wear a "heavy flow" tampon?

What is the name for difficult menstruation?

Heavy flow...

Can mentrual cycle cause low blood pressure?

Blood pressure depends on the blood volume. During menstruation a variable amount of blood is lost. During heavy menstruation, blood pressure can drop due to a decrease in blood volume.

What does Menorrhagia?

It means abnormally heavy bleeding at menstruation.

What is the medical definition for dysmenorrhagia?

Dysmenorrhagia is menstruation (periods) that are abnormally long or heavy that are painful. Dysmenorrhea is menstruation that is painful, while menorrhagia is abnormally long or heavy periods.

Can heavy menstruation cause vitamin deficiencies?

A nutritionist I've seen told me it could, you just have to eat healtier during you're period

What things must you take note of during menstruation?

How long your period lasts, how heavy or light the flow is, how bad are your cramps / mood, the days between your menstruation and last but not least how often you are changing tour pad / tampon.

If you went through a super plus tampon within a few hours can it still be pregnancy spotting?

No, spotting means light bleeding such as pink or brown discharge - heavy bleeding suggests menstruation, although it is possible to bleed during pregnancy if you are bleeding when menstruation was due then it is likely menstruation.

How do you deal with a female dogs period?

Purchase diapers or pants designed for use during menstruation if your dog's bleeding is heavy enough to make a mess.

Can you get in the hot tub on your menstrual cycle?

Women are always on their menstrual cycle - I think you mean during menstruation. Yes getting into a hottub during menstruation is fine, but if flow is heavy you would need to use products like tampons or menstrual cups to avoid blood getting in the water.

How does heavy rain affect people?

Heavy rain affects a persons life because it is dangerous to drive during this time. Heavy rain will also cancel outside events.

What are the symptoms of miscarriage at 2 week?

A heavy menstruation, but usually nothing more.

How often do chickens ovulate?

When healthy and with proper nutrition, every 24 hours for heavy layers.

How does heavy rain affect peoples lives?

Heavy rain affects a persons life because it is dangerous to drive during this time. Heavy rain will also cancel outside events.

Is spotting followed by a heavy flow from regular menstruation a possible sign of being pregnant?


Can you take green tea during menstruation?

yes. i do it all the time. hot tea can help reduce heavy periods.(and about green tea speeding up your period,its just a myth :)

How much does a woman bleed during menstruation?

The average blood loss during menstruation is 35ml, with anything over 80ml being considered heavy. Everyone is different, some women lose significantly more blood than this, unless you use a menstrual cup it's very difficult to accurately determine how much blood you're losing on your period.

Explain how soil particle size would affect infiltration during a period of heavy rain?

Size matters

What natural disaster can affect a desert?

Deserts are prone to occasional flash floods during unusually heavy rains.

What is menorrhagia?

Menorrhagia is abnormally heavy bleeding in menstruation (periods). It can be associated with a hormonal imbalance. Hope this helps.

Can low iron cause a missed period?

Anemia and MenstruationRegardless of its cause, anemia causes a lack of oxygen to the body, which can cause irregular menstruation, and even skipped menstruation. Types of irregular menstruation that can be caused by anemia include a very heavy flow, an absent flow, frequent spotting, or skipped periods. Because of the blood loss that a heavy menstruation can cause, symptoms of anemia can worsen during your period. Your doctor can give you iron supplements if you have iron deficient anemia or other supplements that tailor to your specific anemia diagnosis.Read more: Can Anemia Cause Late & Irregular Periods? |