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If you eat any caloric food continuously, will it make you fat? Yes. Cornflakes included. Enough calories from anything will make you fat.

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Q: If you eat cornflakes continuously will it make you grow fat?
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Can rabbits eat cornflakes?

Rabbits can eat cornflakes AS A TREAT occasionally.

Can I eat cornflakes on the atkins diet?

Yes, you can eat the cornflakes while you are on the Atkins diet.

Why iron is necessary for plant?

Plants are like us, and need iron to grow, and be strong. Why else do we eat cornflakes?

Why eat cornflakes?

I dont htink they make you fat just nutrious healthyfor your body

What do Sikhs eat for breakfast?


Can parakeets eat cornflakes?


Why was the invention of cornflakes important?

To make corn more soft to eat and even more delicious.

What kind of cereal do grasshopper eat?

They can eat bran and cornflakes.

Does frog eat corn flakes?

Nope. Frogs do not eat cornflakes.

Do cornflakes make you fat or make you skinny?

It depends on how much of them you eat, and what foods you would eat in place of corn flakes. They are a starch, which like breads are limited in most diets.

Do ladybird eat cornflakes?

dont think so

Will chickens eat breakfast cereal such as cornflakes?

Yes they will

What do rottwieler eat?

if they made something good you give them cornflakes and they eat everything

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What i can do my 6 year old daughter doesn't want to eat anything except Cornflakes with milk?

Well say her twice or thrice that if u don't eat other things except cornflakes then you will not grow.But then, she doesn't want to eat anything just throw that Cornflakes and tell him to eat other thing's she doesn't eat then she feel ill and therefore she will start eating a little other things.And I suggest that, don't always give her Junk Food. other things=other than cornflakes.

What did Shakespeare eat for breakfast?

no one actually knows but I suspect cornflakes!

Is it bad if gerbils eat card bourd?

not at all. its actrully good for them too. gerbils teeth grow continuously and when gerbils eat cardbourd it help knaw them down.

Do you have to add sugar to cornflakes?

Nope, its personal preference. Healthier to eat plain.

Can guinea pigs eat cornflakes?

No. They are made for humans. They are not good for guinea pigs.

Did Hitler eat cornflakes?

No he was was more of a kellogs brans flakes kind of guy

Do cornflakes make you fat?

Cereals in general are pretty healthy, with a fairly low fat content. Cornflakes are fat free and don't have a lot of sugar. You aren't going to get fat eating cornflakes! Unless of course, you cover them in sugar. All things in moderation. they dont have fat but they have lots of carbohydrates which will turn in to fat very fast so dont eat them

What do you eat to make your hair grow faster?

what you can eat to make your hair grow faster are healthy foods like an apple and make sure you get lots of vitamins in you

What are the main bases such as corn used in cold breakfast cereal?

Did you mean What are the main foods people eat for breakfast?If you mean that, the answer is:The main food that people eat for breakfast are cornflakes. Did you mean What are the main foods people eat for breakfast?If you mean that, the answer is:The main food that people eat for breakfast are cornflakes.

Is cornflakes made out of sweetcorn?

yes, because when you eat them they taste like corn hahaha!

How many times a day should you eat cornflakes?

three times per day