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If you found an abandoned duck egg could it still hatch if you incubated it?


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Depending on how long this egg had been abandoned when you found it, and how long it had been incubated there is a remote possibility that you could continue the incubation process. If it had been incubated for 7 day prior to you finding it, touch a small bright flashlight to the top of the egg to see if there is any life / growth. You need an egg incubator. Incubation periods and hatching periods require different temperatures and humidity, as well the number of turns the egg requires per day. This sounds like a lot of work and equipment for one egg, doesn't it? Your best bet may be to take the egg to a hatchery or your local zoo, where you know they have all the required equipment and technology at their finger tips. More input from FAQ Farmers: * Yes, it can and why not try? If you do not have an incubator make one... I have hatched a chicken egg in a toaster oven before. They imprint too - meaning that when you hatch waterfowl YOU ARE the mother!!! PLEASE KNOW THE GOSLING WILL DROWN IF PUT IN WATER IF NOT HATCHED BY ITS MAMA.