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The relationship is over. There is no point in wallowing in misery over what happened in the past. Any urge to confront the person with the knowledge of their infidelity is an expression of the desire to have control over that person, which is meaningless now. Let go of her, and get on with your life. Be glad that you aren't with her anymore. It would have been much worse to have stayed with her and then find out that she was cheating on you. Be glad that your cheating ex-girlfriend is your ex-girlfriend, and not your wife.

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Does alex gaskarth from all time low have a girlfriend?

Her name is Lisa Ruocco and they have had an on again off again relationship. It was said that she cheated on him during Bamboozle Tour.

How do you know that your boyfriend still loves his exgirlfriend?

He brings her name up during your conversations, defends her, avoids questions you may have.

How parents are responsible for their children cheating?

If kids parents cheated on their spouse when they were growing up, it sets the example for the kids showing that that is what someone does during a relationship. So monkey see, monkey do.

If your boyfriend cheated on you during the first year of your relationship should you forgive him?

I have recently been cheated on and i still love him so i forgived him because i love him so if you love him then take the chance dont let the past stand in the way just forgive and forget but i you really cant forgive him then you know then it's not meant to be.

How do you tell a boy you cheated on them?

During a private moment, just say, "I'm sorry [name], but I need to let you know that I cheated on you." The conversation will flow from there.

A Sentence with the word Crafty?

The women was crafty and cheated very quietly during the test

Did alex gaskarth and Lisa break up?

Yes, Lisa cheated on Alex during Bamboozle.

During world war 2 millions of American women did what?

Cheated on their husbands who were fighting in war

Is Sophia smith cheating on Liam Payne?

Yes they on she cheated on him during the day of liams birthday

Why did Jake and Vienna split?

Jake claimed that Vienna cheated on him with three different men during their relationship. Vienna claimed that Jake was physically and emotionally abusive. The two had a very public break-up, which was aired on ABC, and hosted by Chris Harrison.

How do you know if a guy still likes his exgirlfriend right after you ask him?

The only way you would know if he still likes her is if he is constantly talking about her during the time of your relationship with this person. There are other ways he could still like her too. Still has her phone number, she keeps coming around him, stares at her most of the time, keeps anything of the past like pictures, gifts, etc. He would rather hang around a place where she is near. Here are some few suggestions, but there could be other reasons the only way to be really sure is to ask him out in the open about his exgirlfriend and if he still feels anything for her.

What happened to athletes who cheated during ancient Olympics?

Thye are disquilified adn had to help pay for the games

Did soldiers get some during the world war 2?

They cheated on their wives like men do, they are all jerks!

What is a polyamorous relationship?

Loving more than one person during a relationship.

What if you know your husband is during illegal things over the internet but he keeps lying about it?

You just confront him or find proof about it.

What if after a relationship with your ex-girlfriend the two of you became friends you know she still has feeling for you but you find out that she cheated on you during the previous relationship?

Take her back but let her bring home other hot girls to share with you or she might get upset and be unhappy.AnswerI believe that in any relationship that one has been unfaithful, there are always 2 answers. Either A.) You want to pursue a relationship again with this person, or not. So B.) you can either choose to forgive this person, and decided whether or not you can actually trust them, or you can move on. Any time that there are trust issues, it destroys a lot in a relationship. You really cannot have a decent caring relationship without it.

What were the living conditions of Jewish families during the 1920's and early 1930s?

They were cheated like Jesus

Who thought he had been cheated out of office of president and vowed revenge during 1800-1844?

andrew jackson

Did Zach efron cheat on vanessa hudgens and that is why they brock up?

Nothing is confirmed, but it is highly speculated that they were having relationship issues, and during a time where they were trying to reconcile, Zac is believed to have gone out and cheated on Vanessa with actress Teresa Palmer at a Hollywood party while Vanessa was out of town.

What was the relationship between the emperor and the senate during the late roman empire?

Their relationship was bad

Should you be concerned if your husband of five years has cheated on every girlfriend and cheated on you during your third year of marriage but has since changed his lifestyle?

Repeated behavior is an indicator of future behavior, unless the person has a) admitted they have a problem and b) went to individual or joint counseling and has been honest about the reasons why they did the behavior. If it's something they've done in every relationship they have been in, including yours, it would be hard to have any foundation of trust.

If a woman claims to have always been honest with you during your relationship but you found out she had cheated many times can you assume she lied about other things?

Most likely. Many partners can be honest with each other when it comes to every day things, but when it comes to cheating (dishonest) you can't believe a word they say. My first husband cheated on me several times and I caught him and I kicked him out and filed for divorce. People like this are a waste of the skin they're in!

Who was the man the cheated on his eye exam to get into the Officer Reserve Corps of the Cavalry?

During the 1930s, a man who would later become president cheated on his eye exam to get into the Officer Reserve Corps of the Cavalry. He was Ronald Reagan.

France political relationship with the US during World War 2?

France and us have a relationship and so do you

What was the Australian and United States relationship before the Vietnam War?

The relationship was good before, during, and after the Vietnam War.

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