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First, I would not classify as a C+ or B- as a bad grade. Let us just say you have higher standards. Second, I assume your referring to a mid-term exam in a specific course and you are a high school sophomore. Colleges will not see school subject test results. They will be looking at your overall grade point average (GPA), and the rigor of your high school program. Yes, they do see the final grade of each course and may pay attention to some that are critical to your intended major. For example, if your intention is to become an electrical engineer, they will look at the science and math courses more closely than others. However, remember this; Colleges and universities look at the entire applicant and not just the GPA. Some institutions may require an essay, and/or interview. They will look at - once again - the rigor of your high school program, class rank, and standardized test scores (SAT, ACT if required, etc.). In addition, they will also look at, extracurricular activities, geographical residence, racial/ethnic status, recommendations, state residency, volunteer work etc. Thus, they look at the entire person and not just a portion of that person. In other words, they adhere to the notion that the whole is greater than the some of its parts. I'm sure you are a good student. Just do the best you can and the grades will take care of themselves. If you feel you are unsatisfied with a grade, try to find out why you scored lower then you wanted to. Ask your teacher for some learning tips particular to that subject. Most of all do not worry about it. Nothing good ever comes out of worry. Just look to the future and prepare as best you can. .

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Q: If you get a bad grade say a C plus or B minus on a sophomore midterm how can you lessen the damage for college applications?
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