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Depends on your state. In MI, the legal father of the child is the mother's husband. If your child's father is not going to be your husband, do the right thing and let him be involved.

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Q: If you get married before you have the baby who has legal rights to the baby my husband or the father?
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Can a non-paternity father have rights?

Yes, If he was married to your birth mother before you were born.

How were the rights of married women in colonial America unequal?

They could not vote, any land or property they owned came from their father and was given to their husband when they married.

If the mother has sole physical custody and shares joint legal custody with the father the two never married if the mother dies can her husband who is not the baby's biological father assume custody?

No, unless the baby's biological father relenquishes his parental rights, he would get custody of the child if the mother dies, not her husband. The biological father must sign his rights away to the mother's husband.

In Pennsylvania if you get married before you have the baby who has legal rights to the baby my husband or the father?

the father but that's only if the real dad lets the step dad take custody of the kid. if you dont know who that babii daddy is then your tuff luck

You had a baby by a man that is not your husband does he have rights?

Sure does, he is the father.

Can a biological mother give up a baby conceived while married for adoption without her husband's consent?

I highly doubt that, the father has rights to that child, regardless of if they are married or not.

What custody rights does a father and a husband have to his children after a year of no contact with the children?

Generally, if married he has custody rights equal to the mother unless she has brought a petition for sole custody in his absence. If he is not married his custody rights must be established by a court order.

Who gets custody of a child when the married mother dies and biological father does not have rights?

I assume this to be an out of wedlock, extra marital affair child. Her husband.

If you get married but have a child with someone else and they don't have anything to do with that child when can your new husband adopt your child?

Yes, when the father's parental rights are terminated.

Your husband wants to adopt your daughter but her biological father is in the picture?

Then unless the biological father is ok with this and signs his rights over, the new husband has no legal rights to the child.

Are your rights different when wanting to move out of state if the father and you were never married?

Generally, no. Married or unmarried, the law considers the father's rights equally.

Your daughter was born into your marriage yet your husband is not the biolgical father Does he legally have any rights and how can the biological father establish his rights?

Your husband has no rights over the child because he did not help in the creation of the child, but he can legally adopt her.

What are the rights of the father of a married womans unborn child when the father is not her husband?

The father has created an extremely complicated legal situation. He has no rights unless he obtains them through a court order. The husband of a married woman is presumed by law to be the father of any children born during the marriage. If the mother is willing he can execute an affidavit of parentage and then initiate a custody case to obtain joint custody. He should consult with an attorney who can review his situation and explain all his rights and obligations under the laws in his jurisdictions.

What rights do you have as a wife even though you are separated from your husband?

You have all the rights that enure to married couples since you are still married. You have all the same rights you have when you are not separated.

If the father was married to someone else and the mother was single what are the fathers rights?

If the mother is not married to the father, he has no rights period, even if living with her. see link below

When a married woman has an affair and has a child what rights does the husband have?

to beat her and leave her

If husband inherits from his father does his wife get half?

No. His wife has no rights to the inheritance.

Can my husband get parental rights when biological father is in jail?

With the approval of the court

What rights does a husband have to real estate and all other property in Oregon left solely to his wife by her father in an unwitnessed holographic will?

Oregon is not a community property state. The husband is not an heir of his wife's father. The husband has no rights in or to to the real estate.

Can a father give up rights to a child to avoid paying child support in Florida?

No. Yes. If the mother is married and her husband is willing to adopt the child(ren).no

What rights does the father have as her child's birth father?

If not married he has to prove paternity in court to get his parental rights. He can then petition for custody, visitation and pay child support. If married to the mother they have equal rights to the child.

Does my husband have to assume parental rights for my child in order for the father of my child to terminate his parental rights in Alabama?

No. The biological father can give up his rights and if your husband then want to be more than a step parent, who have no rights to the child, can adopt your child. Or not, that is your choice as the parent.

Does father have parental rights before the baby is born?

No, he does not have parental rights until the child is born. If the parents are unmarried he must establish his paternity legally through the courts. If the parents are married the father has equal parental rights after the child is born.

Incarcerated husband property rights spouse?

The spouse of an incarcerated husband has all rights over their property. This is only if the two people are legally married.

If the mother and father of a child are married does the father have parental rights?

Yes, equal to the mother.