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You have all the rights that enure to married couples since you are still married. You have all the same rights you have when you are not separated.

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Q: What rights do you have as a wife even though you are separated from your husband?
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If your husband dies will you inherit even though you have been separated not legally for nine years?

If you are separated but never took the steps to divorce, you in general would inherit all property.

Can you put your husband on child support if separated?

if you have the child. And even when he does.

What is same on different continents even though separated by oceans?


Can your husband kick you out of his house that he owned before you were married even though you pay the mortgage?

You need to consult with an attorney in your area who can review your situation and explain your rights and options.

Who has the rights if a woman is legally separated - but not divorced - and has a child with someone else?

It's unclear as to whose "rights" and what "rights" you are asking about. CAUTION: In some (all?) states, for purposes of child support and visitation, the HUSBAND is considered (by law) to be the father of the child even if he did not conceive the child. Proceed very cautiously in this area!

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No it just means u miss them that's all . what i would do is get out there and try meet and talk to people . stay safe do.

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Paleontologist noticed that these were the same on different continents even though the continents were separated by oceans?


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tough one, he has to apply for a visa.

Can one get social security from husband even though one worked as a federal employee?

social security comes from the govt not from your husband

Does your ex husband still pay child support for his 2 children even though you have remarried and have a child with new husband?


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Can you get the father of your child for child support even though your husband signed the birth certificate?

Unlikely. Your husband is the legal father of the child.

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Does the parent who relinquished his parental rights have to pay child support in Texas?

In this case even if both have agreed that the husband would relinquish his parental rights , then there is no need to support the child even in texas.

Husband and wife aren't separated yet but husband is sleeping at female coworkers house?

I assume you mean "not legally separated/divorced yet". Sleeping around is not against the law. In general, unless the "sleeping around" is the problem that caused divorce, it isn't even grounds for divorce.

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Your question is too cmplicated... I can't even figure out what you are asking.

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