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It is very very rare to conceive while using a IUD but if this should happen, then you need to contact your health care provider immediately to have the IUD removed. You can then choose to continue or terminate the pregnancy. If you choose an abortion, you can get another IUD after the procedure, or choose another method of Birth Control. For your safety, however, you can't leave the IUD in while pregnant.

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How can you get pregnant on the implanon?

Pregnancy is very rare when using the contraceptive implant. If you want to get pregnant, have the implant removed.

How long will it take for you to get pregnant on Mirena without using condoms?

There is a very low risk of pregnancy when using Mirena. If you want to get pregnant, have the Mirena removed.

If implanon is removed and have no period am i pregnant?

If you are not using birth control and have no period, take a pregnancy test to see if your'e pregnant.

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Can you become pregnant after having two ectopic pregnancy with both tubes removed using artificial fertilization?

Yes, it is possible to still get pregnant using IVF as long as your ovaries, uterus and cervix are still in place

Can you get pregnant if you are on birth control and use a condom?

you could since birth control and using a condom are not 100% preventive, but you have a better chance of not getting pregnant if you are using both.

Can a women get pregnant after using and IUD for 9 years and then having it removed?

Yes, the IUD does not affect future fertility. If you don't want to get pregnant, be sure to use an alternate method.

Can you get pregnant by using the bathroom after a boy?

No you can not get pregnant by using the bathroom after a boy.

Why is it when ihad your IUD removed you cant seem to get pregnant but before you had it put in you got pregnant?

It is normal to take up to 12 months to get pregnant. Among women who have used the IUD, and women who have not, 85% will have a pregnancy within one year of using no birth control. If you have not gotten pregnant after using no birth control for a year, see your health care provider for evaluation, including semen analysis for your partner.

At what time of the month is it less likely to become pregnant?

No matter what, you are better off using condoms and birth control pills.

How effective is the contraceptive implant?

The contraceptive is considered highly effective, less than 1 out of 100 women a year will become pregnant using Implanon. Should you discover that you're pregnant and you have the implant in, you need to have it removed.99.9% effective

When Selena was shot did anyone discover if she might have been pregnant?

Selena wasn't pregnant when she was tragically killed. However, she and her husband Chris was planning on starting a family. She was using the Norplant birth control method and was planning on having it removed.

What are the chances of falling pregnant while using a condom?

There are good chances of falling pregnant while using a condom as the conden may burst...!!! Its better to go for a urine pregnancy test on the 4th week after having sex...!!! or look for pregnancy related symptoms...

What is the chances of a 41 year old woman gettin pregnant with you using condoms?

You can not get pregnant using condoms.

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How do you get pregnant after having a previous ectopic pregnancy with removal of one fallopian tubes?

You get pregnant using the same method as you did the first time! Just becasue on fallopian tube has been removed doesn't mean the other won't function perfectly well.

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No. Only regular sex will get you pregnant. If using regular sex before or after can cause pregnancy.

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No it's not gonna help you get pregnant.

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