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The baby CAN die, yes, but it can also cause injury to your organs or even lead to internal bleeding. PLEASE i recommend you DO NOT DO THIS.

If this has been done to you, go to the hospital right away. This is very important.

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If your a month pregnant and you get punched in the stomach and bleed right after have i lost the baby?

the baby will die

Can you die from being punched in the stomach?

Yes you can die from being punched in the stomach if you have ASTHMA

At 1 week pregnant can you suck in your stomach?

no if you do your baby will die

Can a baby die in your stomach?

The baby is not in the stomach and would certainly die if it were. The baby is in the womb and yes they do die sometimes

What happens if a pregnant woman gets hit in the stomach?

The baby will feel is depending on age. If the impact is very big, the baby could have mental problems or have some birth defects, or even die.

Can someone with cystic fibrosis die from getting punched in the stomach?

Punching someone is the stomach that has CF is no different than punching someone in the stomach that doesn't have CF. Either way - it's not a nice thing to do to somebody!

Can you die from being punched in the temple?

depends on how hard your punched.

How did Mary Tudor die?

she died of stomach cancer, but she thought she was pregnant.

In the book breaking dawn what is the main conflict or problem?

Bella gets pregnant and she has to become a vampire because if she doesnt she will die because the baby rips its way out of the mothers stomach

Can a baby die if you are to stress when your pregnant?

Yes and no because sometimes the baby vomites and stay alive or just die

Did Selena quintanilla's baby die too?

She was never pregnant.

Can an unborn baby die by being kicked in your stomach?

I dont think so

Can you die from getting punched in the arm?


How does a baby die inside the stomach?

The mothers water breaks to early and that affects the baby in lots of ways the baby dies by the water inside

Can you have a full period and be pregnant?

no the baby will die. LOL dumb people.

If you are 14 and pregnant is it more likely for the baby to die in side you?

no it isn't

Can an unborn baby die if something heavy on the stomach?

Yes it is possible. It is also possible for the baby to have multiple fractures and brakes.

Did ed sheerans pregnant girlfriend die?

He never had a pregnant girlfriend, the song is about his friend whos Baby died!

Can the smoke from tobacco kill a newborn baby?

It will kill the baby because they can only drink milk, but if the baby is inside ur stomach and you smoke at the sametime your baby will die

If you are 16 and pregnant can you move out of your parents house?

No because you need their help with the baby and going to the hospital.If you do you can die with the baby or you can die while your in the hospital.That's sad

How did kandi's boyfriend die?

he was punched in the head

How do you make vampire sims pregnant?

Make them relax on a bed with the Sim who you want them to get pregnant with, then have them "try for baby" - if they are pregnant there will be a lullaby. Although having a pregnant vampire might make them die, as vampire Sims cannot go out in sunlight or they burn and die - and baby Sims are annoying as they can cry at any time.

You 4 weeks pregnant you have discharge with a smudge of red is this normal?

no it is not the baby can die

Drink alcohol when trying to get pregnant?

Yes if you want your baby to die inside of you

What is the risk to yourself when smokin marijuana when pregnant?

Cancer and the baby might die.