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If you got Deoxys with Action Replay how do you get it to obey you?


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your Deoxys will not obey you, by getting it straight from the action replay, but you can get it by using door codes by using your action replay, first create new game name, then enter new code, your first code has to be named, (m) you must include the brackets round the (m) e6a003d68110ddd5a47fb2dc1af3ca8624c53e88037c3033 this is the master code, code for birth irland deoxys 554d9257d0472e48 and for navel rock lugiar and hoho 6aadac54a0a4b6c7 now select only one of the door codes, walk through any door in the game and you will walk out at your selected destination, it is important that once you have done all this, you must switch only your action replay off by the switch on the top left, when you are on birth irland you will see a triangle it is a puzzle, when you solve it Deoxys will appear, for more info on the puzzle check internet.


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he wont obey you if you used the action replay code for encountering him or putting him directly into your box BECAUSE The developers put an anti hack code into deoxys, so use a TELEPORT CODE to get to birth island and solve the Puzzle and fight him. it works, i have done it both ways or YOU dont have enough badges !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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you have to raise him levels, and not let him die. also you need to raise its hp when its low. then it will show freindship you have to raise him levels, and not let him die. also you need to raise its hp when its low. then it will show freindship

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If your action replay is not working after you type in a code then the person you got that code from is a bad person with pokesav. He makes codes that mess up your action replay. BEWARE!!!!!!!

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I used an Action Replay on my DSi with Pearl, and froze the game. The software was wiped and my DSi got a minor bug. Action Replay can be fun, but use it with caution and never use untested codes.

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