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The only way so solidify the bees from returning is to move the queen. If you do not you will have bees all the time. Bees DO migrate so you can ask a local bee keeper on how to "Beeproof" your yard.

Baloney Arthropodology: (The Lighter Side of Insectaries) The Sacramento Bee reported yesterday that the rise of homeless Bees in the United States is attributable to the steady influx of Immigration by The African Killer Bee. It is entirely possible to get rid of several Bees nest and still have lots and lots of Bees in your back yard because of these Killer Bees. The Bee reported that Senator BamBee of California blamed the lack of proper oversight for organized crime amongst the Bee colonies. The problem of homeless Bees began, according to Sen. BamBee when the pollination of certain plants and the storing and importation of honey was prohibited by Congress when the Bill passed through the Hives of Representatives unanimously followed by a forty eight to two vote in the Senate. On July 5th of 2008, President Jackson BartleBee signed the Bill into law and the federation of colonies began enforcing prohibition immediately.

Since that time there has been a steady rise in illegal honey saloons and nightclubs known amongst the criminal element of Bees as "Buzz-easies". These buzz-easies are primarily run by the immigrant Killer Bees who have all but cornered the market on the honey that amongst the colonies and in spite of prohibition have remained in steady demand. The black market value to honey has more than tripled in the price of honey sold prior to July 5th, 2008. This has translated into a huge cash flow for the Killer Bee.

To make matters worse, the once innocuous practice of pollination has been prohibited as well, adding billions and billions of revenue to these Killer Bees. While the smell of pollination is much easier to identify than honey, the federal colonies have been able to make a show of force and produce several arrests in this newly declared war on pollination. Drone bees employed by the feds have trained heavily and use their keen sense of smell to identify those pollination hives where Killer Bees store their pollen to be sold and just one gram of pollination has a backyard value of six Susan Bee Anthony dollars. This price for just one gram of pollen has attracted many young Bees into a life of crime as they join gangs clearly affiliated with the Killer Bees. The war on pollen and the prohibition of honey has generated such a controversy amongst the colonies, President BartleBee has declared a state of emergency and asked Congress to allocate one and half billion Susan Bee Anthony dollars to continue fighting these pollen lords and barons of honey. Senator BamBee has argued that the money BartleBee asks for would be better spent feeding and hiving these poor creatures who have been displaced by the carnage of war and the basic inequalities of justice. The rise of hivelessness in the United Colonies of the United Bee Hives has brought a sense of urgency to the Democectic party who has developed a grass roots movement to rebuild the hives of and assist those bees who have been pushed out hearth and hive,either through extortion or threat of force from the killer Bees. James, bee serious. Bees are not arthropods. Sounds to me they are having a problem with yellow jackets, not honeybees. If you don't kill the nest at night, foragers will return and scan the area for the nest. But, BeegCatone, the Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary says they are arthropods...Sheesh, editors! You go out and cover the buzz on this story in stead of hiving behind a desk all day!! Hate to beedevil them, but bees are insects, not arthropods. Hive they no knowledge at all, I beelieve they are all buzzed out,beesides, what's all this drone about bees! Fine then, let's just say they are from the super family of Apoidea's and leave at that. What's all the buzz? I keep telling you this story is Pulitzzzzzzzzzzzzzer prizzzzzzzzzze winning material. This is news buddy! The people and Bees have a right to know.

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Q: If you got rid of several bee nests but now there are a lot of bees in your backyard did you anger the bee mafia or are homeless bees seeking a new home?
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