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Depends, did you buy more?

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Q: If you had 48 hamsters after 3 years how many hamspters would you have after 4 years?
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How many years can hamsters live?

Pet hamsters normally live up to of 2-3 years, whereas wild hamsters can live up to 5 years.

How many years would a Russian hamster live?

Their average lifespan is 3 years, but some hamsters can live for up to 5.

How many years so that hamsters can birth babies?

hamsters can become pregnant at 5 weeks.

How many hamsters would it take to power a light bulb?

Less than it would to make a ladder of hamsters to venus

How many years do dwarf hamsters live?

Different types of hamsters live longer than eachother. The longest the dwarf hamster can live is 3 years. And you'd be lucky for 4 years.

How many hamsters does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Only 1, but hamsters would rather be in the dark.

Can hamsters be wild?

yes, they can. they were many many years ago until humans discovered them

How many years does a robo hamster live?

Robo hamsters live for about 1-2 years. Probably 3. In some stores; like petsmart, they tell you descriptions about hamsters and how to handle them yourself.

What type of hamsters are there?

There are MANY different ypes of hamsters. The ones you might find in your pet store are black bear hamsters, fancy hamsters, teddy bear hamsters, honey bear hamsters, dwarf hamsters, panda bear hamsters, dalmation hamsters, robo hamsters, and many more!

How many years do dwaf hamsters live?

They live on average 3 years, but with the right care they can live up to 5.

How many types of hamsters exists?

Syrian Hamsters - Winter White Hamsters - Chinese Hamsters - Campbells Dwarf Hamsters - Roborovski Hamsters So, 5.

How many hamsters live in America?

There are no wild hamsters living in America. There are no current statistics of how many tamed hamsters there are.

A boy received 2 hamsters for Christmas After one year he had 4 after two years he had 12 and after three years he had 48 How many did he have after four years?

It's a sequence of 2x2=4, 4x3=12,12x4=48,so then 48x5=240. The answer is 240 hamsters.

Why don't you have any info on hamsters?

Hamsters have many breeds. There is now info on hamsters.

How many hamsters standing shoulder on shoulder does it take to reach the moon?

but if its baby hamsters your dealing with it would take 78,012,021,514,44584 no lie if you add the manquitity of 2,282,764,988==

How many hamsters are there in the world?

There is at least 10,000 hamsters in the world.

How many hamsters are in the world?

There is around 9,000 hamsters in the world.

David has 4 cages of hamsters. The second cage has 1/2 as many hamsters as the first. The third cage has 1/2 as many hamsters as the second. The fourth cage has 1/2 as many hamsters as the third. What are the fewest hamsters David can have?

1+2+4+8=15 There can't be half of a hamster. Start with the smallest cage with the smallest amount possible:1

What's the difference between a Siberian hamster and a Russian hamster?

Siberian hamsters can be also known as "Russian winter white dwarf hamsters". Since they are a dwarf breed, they will live shorter than the Russian hamster. 11/2 - 21/2 years.Russian hamsters (not dwarf) are twice as large as dwarf Siberian Hamsters. They live 1 - 31/2 years. There are many different breeds of Russian Hamsters.*See related links below for tons of more information about hamsters.

How many years do guinea pigs live for more then hamsters?

Guinea Pigs live for 6 to 7 years the longest one recorder was 15 years old.

A boy received two hamsters for Christmas After one year he had four after two years he had twelve and after three years he had forty eight How many did he have after four years?


Ho many hamsters to a cage?

if youhave a big cage you can put up to 4 or 5 hamsters. with a small cage you can have 1 to 3 hamstersI would put 4 in a big cage, and 2 in a small cage.

How many dwarf of hamsters are there?

There's lots of dwarf hamsters in the world!

How many people have hamsters in the world?

about 2% of people have hamsters as pets

How many times of hamsters in world?

I like spanish pasta hamsters