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Jose. DID they repo the car?? If not, I dont see how it could be correct.

Was this vehicle a repo at the time and were you paying the remaining balance to the collection agency or was the account a charge off? I am assuming that you are refering to Ford Motor Creit which I used to collect for. In most cases a 3rd party collection agency will purchase the account at pennies on the dollar or the account will be placed with a fee once the account is collected. It is the collection agency responsiblity to update the creditor of payments and in some cases update credit reports. Also it is a good idea to get a confirmed paid in full letter and to send it to the original creditor to make sure they update your credit report correctly.

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Q: If you had a balance of 189 dollars on your Ford account that was paid to a collection agency when it was discovered 2 years later then Ford went and reported it as a repo to the credit bureaus is this legal?
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Can a sold credit card account be collected on if the account is reported as charged off with a zero balance?

It may be zeroed out w/ the orig company because they sold it to the collection people. DO NOT PAY COLLECTION AGENCIES ANYTHING!! google "fair credit act". lots of info

What is the balance of p woodsley capital account as reported on the post closing trial balance?

A. 6,766.54

When an account balance is written-off what happens to the account balance?

It goes to a collection agency, prepare to get annoyed and harassing phone calls

Do you have to pay the original balance on account that has been sold to collection agency?


You had a credit card account which they charged off and sold to a collection agency ca Now you have that charge off which carries a balance and a CA collecting on the same debt What could you do?

It is unlikely that the account was "sold" to a collection agency. Rather, the agency was contracted to recover the debt. The "charge off" of the account only affects the original creditor, and represents a loss reported against the company's taxes. If the collection agency has attempted to recover the debt and has been unable to, the original creditor will likely pull back the account and refer it to another agency in hopes of greater success.

Will paying a collection account improve your credit?

It will, as long as the collection's date of last activity is within the last 6 months. Paying a collection resets the date of last activity and may wind up hurting your credit score. It is better to have an old collection with a balance than a new collection without a balance.

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Balance of payments is a collection of accounts conventionally grouped into three main categories, with subdivisions in each. The three main categories are: 1) Current Account 2) Capital Account and 3) Reserve Account

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Can a creditor and the collection agency who purchases your account from the creditor both report the same debt in separate instances to a CRA?

Yes, they can and it's customary for them to. The original account should have all the history, including late payments you made and the status (collection or charge off), the DLA, and date the account was opened. It should not be showing a balance due once sold or assigned to a collection agency. It may have a statement about being sold or transferred, but not always. The CA account should have the date they received, or were assigned, the account and the current balance (often with interest added in). The DLA should not have changed.

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