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You certainly can have it repoed in any manner you like. Vol or invol, not much difference. Its BAD for your credit any way you go. You will be responsible for any balance due after the van is sold. Any way to make the van "conducive" for a disabled senior???

2015-07-15 19:50:40
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grants for the elderly or disabled?

Disabled and senior citizens

How do I apply for a Gov. grant for a disabled senior citizen ?

How do I apply for a Gov. grant for a disabled senior citizen ?

Can you get a discount for an apartment that cators to senior living?

You can get a discount if your senior is disabled

Is a private senior common interest community required to have disabled parking?


If you are a senior and thinking about having your car voluntarily repossessed and your daughter would then give you her car as a gift will the finance company have any rights to the second car?

No. As Stated They Would Have To Have A Lien On The Gift(Car) They Can Seek Judgement For Balance On Debt. The Car Is Yours They Have No Control Over Any Gifts You Recieve. GOD BLESS

In what ways is senior housing altered to make it more appropriate for senior citizens?

Senior housing can be altered to make it more appropriate for senior citizens in many ways, the doors can be widened for disabled use, a stair lift can be fitted and the bathroom can be made into a wet room.

Severe mold in 4 rooms causing severe illness in disabled elder disabled needs financial assistance to remove mold and repair home?

disabled senior has severe mold in 4 rooms causing and contributing to severe illness. Needs financial assistance to remove mold and repair home.

What kind of senior housing is the best for disabled parents?

The best palce for a senior citizen to live would be in a place where they have multiple people taking care of them. This could be a nursing home to a retirement village that have nurses to help care for them.

Is there any insurance company in new jersey specifically for disabled drivers ?

While there seem to be no specific programs for New Jersey disabled drivers, insurance companies often offer special plans for disabled or elderly drivers. There are also benefits for elderly or disabled drivers that don't necessarily pertain to insurance. The New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services' Special Benefits Program for the Aged and Disabled, for example, offers discounts on car registration.

Is there a place where you can find a list of hotels set for elderly?

at , you can search for hotels specifically for elderly/ disabled. You can also get senior discounts if you use a vacation service such as www. or Make sure to ask about senior discounts!

How do I qualify for affordable senior housing?

You must be disabled and over 60 years of age. You also must have a limited income like social security benifits.

Where can a senior citizen or disabled person go for free tax return help I am looking for organizations that offer this service throughout the US.?

The IRS has volunteers to help you with tax returns for the disabled and elderly. You can find out about this volunteer program at,,id=107626,00.html.

When giving an informative speech that explains a process you will most likely arrange your main points in chronological order true or false?

It depends on the pliocy of the apartment community. In many senior apartments, the second tenant can be under age 55 or 58 and would have to be on the lease, but in some of those HUD subsidized buildings a disabled person under 62 or a paid caregiver can live in the apartment with a senior. Also if a senior is married to a younger person they can both reside in the senior apartment.

You have a Brother who is learning disabled and your mother pushes him academically beyond his limit What should you do please help?

I have a sister that is disabled and she has a really hard time in school also, all i can do is try to help her. My mother does push her but that is because she is a senior this year and we really want her to graduate. I think that the only thing you can really do is try to help him.

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Can you use your senior bus pass on the tube in London?

I am not sure what kind of Senior Bus Pass you have but here's 2 kinds of Bus Passes in United Kingdom. Freedom Pass (Senior and Disabled Pass within London Area) This is a pass issued to Pensioners and Disabled People living in the London Area by the Council. These passes are valid on the tube, buses and National Rail services within the 6 zones of the London Transportation. You can use your Freedom pass after 9:00 am Mondays to Fridays and anytime on Weekends and Bank Holidays on buses and tubes and after 9:30 am on the National Rail Services. Disabled passes can be used anytime on tubes and buses but only after 9:30 am on National Rail Services. There are some boroughs allow these passes to be used on buses just outside the M25. You just need to ask the driver before boarding the bus. From January 2009, Senior Bus Passes are valid on the buses all around the country subject to restrictions and conditions. Senior Bus Pass Most Borough or Council outside London Area issue free bus passes to pensioners and (maybe) to disabled people. These passes are only valid on buses within their area and are not valid to travel in London Area.

How do I qualify for Medicaid in Texas?

If you aren't a low-income senior citizen, or pregnant and low income, or a child under 19 years of age, or somehow disabled and collecting SSI, or an illegal immigrant using someone else's ID-- you won't qualify. Trust me, I'm middle aged and not disabled and I've been denied several times.

transportation services for senior and handicapped in upland, CA?

Foothill Transit bus line is good, or Get About Transportation is a door-to-door service for seniors and disabled. Their website is:

Does Medicare cover the expense of a lift chair for a disabled senior?

If you are a senior and you qualify for Medicare then they will most likely pay a large percentage of the cost of your lift chair. They almost never pay the entire cost but they will help you considerably. You can contact your local Social Security Office to find out if you are eligible and some lift chair companies will even do the work for you.

What sects did hitler persecute?

Hitler persecuted Jews, atheists, homosexuals, disabled persons, senior citizens, very small children, or anyone that wasn't considered (in his eyes, anyway) perfect- blonde haired with blue eyes.

What is the purpose of the Outreach Car Donation program?

The purpose of the Outreach Car Donation program is to provide transportation for disabled people who can't use public transportation. Another purpose is provide transportation assistance to senior citizens.

How do you write 'senior' in Russian?

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Is there a grant for Senior Centers?

Is there a grant for senior centers Is there a grant for Senior Centers?

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how ols is senior

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