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FURTHER EDUCATION IS THE BOMB! DO IT!!!While a criminal record itself would not prevent you from obtaining a university degree, when it comes to getting a job in the field of your study, it will come to bite you. You could have completed a bachelors degree in nursing and even with a labour shortage in this field, if you have been for example charged with sexual assault, you would not be able to practice nursing, and no one will hire you. You may only get a job working at a minimum wage job at McDonalds even with a nursing degree in this situation.

You won't have a problem getting a degree as the other person mentioned above. I'm am finishing my masters degree, and have served ten years in prison. Before going away I was a high school drop out, and education has turned me around. I have not had any charges in several years, and the change started when I started my education. There are some jobs that you will not be hired for with a record, such as nursing (mentioned above), but there are other occupations that will overlook your past if they see you have changed, which is evidenced by such things as completing a degree. Networking while in college is the first step. While working hard and putting everything into completing a degree, teachers will notice over the years you are working toward the degree, and think of how many students they have taught over the years that they have stayed in contact with, that will be in positions to hire you. Some degrees that will open doors are anything dealing with business (general management, accounting, marketing, etc.), IST, Sociology, English, even though some pay more than others. But keep in mind some things, such as government jobs may not be an option, nor anything that involves a license, such as nursing.

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Q: If you have a criminal record what degrees can you still go to school for?
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