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Absolutely you can. They only check your credit history at banks not your criminal history. It would be prejudice and illegal for them to check your criminal background. Then you sue em.

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Q: If you have a drug conviction can you still get a loan?
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Can you visit the Philippines if you have a drug conviction?

can i enter the philippines with a drug conviction

Can you get a student loan with a drug felony?

As long as you didn't receive the conviction while receiving students loans previously, you are fine.

Can you join the army with a drug conviction?

If the drug conviction is for use or possession, possibly; if it is for distribution, unlikely.

Is a conviction for illegal chemicals considered a drug conviction?

It may be considered a terrorist conviction.

Can you travel to Thailand with a drug conviction?

can i enter thailand with a drug conviction and served one year jail time for the crime

If you have a drug charge on your record but it is not a conviction can you still go to school to be an RN?

If you were charged and found not guilty, then it should not matter.

Is a charge of illegal chemicals considered a drug conviction?

It might be a terrorist conviction.

How long is the statute of limitations for a felony drug conviction in NM?

There is no statute of limitations on a felony drug conviction. You were charged and convicted. It is a part of your record forever.

Can you go on holiday to turkey with a drug conviction?


Can you get section 8 housing with drug conviction?

Not in most cases. If the drug conviction was a misdemeanor than yes, and only if it's an old conviction -- not less than 7 years. If you were convicted more recently for personal possession (misdemeanor), you may be required to proved you have completed or are in a drug treatment program.

How long does a drug conviction stay on record?


Is a drug conviction moral turpitude?

Minor (misdemeanor) drug offenses are not crimes involving moral turpitude, but major drug offenses are, such as drug trafficking.

Travel out of Australia with drug conviction?

maybe not the best idea?

Can you get into amsterdam with a criminal record?

Not if you have a drug conviction, ironic right!

Can you still get food stamps if you live with a felon?

Yes you can. I guess it varies state to state, but as long as the felony conviction is not a drug distribution charge you should qualify.

Will a drug conviction prevent you from being employed in the mortgage industry?

No, a drug conviction will not automatically prevent a person from being employed in the mortgage industry. Each company has their requirements that a person must meet to be hired.

Can you have a criminal conviction and be a mortgage loan officer in dc?

yes you can lend but you cant borrow

How long does a felony drug conviction stay on record?

They are a Permanent Record.

Is there a statute of limitations for a felony drug conviction in kansas?

In Kansas, there is a statute of limitations for a felony with drug conviction. The statute of limitations have a grid that divides crimes by severity level and categorizes defendants by their prior criminal records.

Use conviction in a sentence?

I have a firm conviction that a good educational system is the best thing for any society. His conviction on drug possession charges ruined his chances for graduating with his class.

Can you get a passport with a felony conviction?

It is possible to get a passport even with a felony conviction. However, if a person has unpaid federal loans, a felony drug conviction, or problems in child support cases, a passport may be denied.

Can you purchase a handgun for home defense in Texas even if you have a conviction for a drug charge?


Which kind of Misdemeanor Keeps you from having a firearm?

Domestic violence or drug conviction.

How long does first offense simple misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia conviction stay on my record in Iowa?

Forever unless you obtain a lawyer to get it expunged. It is a conviction.

You live in Texas am pregnant and have a drug conviction Can you get Medicaid?

Your drug conviction should not be a bar to Medicaid eligibility. You should be able to get Medicaid based on your pregnancy, assuming you meet the other eligibility factors including citizenship and limited income/assets.