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If you already have insurance on the family-car, then you can put the sports car on your insurance and tell them you will be the only driver of the sports car. Make sure no one else gets caught driving the car by the insurance company (wreck, etc.). Or look in the yellow-pages in your phonebook, and call several car insurance companies. They should be able to tell you. Always call 3 or more places to get the lowest deal you can, depending on what plan you want or qualify for.

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Q: If you have a family car and an expensive sports car that only you will drive what type of insurance or insurer will cover the sports car?
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How much does insurance go up driving sports car?

Depends on the type of vehicle. The reason sports cars are expensive to insurance is because the parts to fix them are more expensive than other cars.

Where can one get a cheap sports car insurance?

A person can get cost effective sports car insurance through their current insurance provider. Due to the nature of sports cars going fast however they are typically very expensive to insure.

From where can one obtain sports insurance?

There are many places where one can obtain sports insurance. One can obtain sports insurance from popular on the web sources such as Saider Sports and Fantasy Sports Insurance.

Are Kawasaki motorbikes expensive to own and insure?

The Kawasaki motorbikes are extremely expensive not only to own but also to insure. But if you have the sports edition it is going cost you a goood bit more to get insurance on it.

Why is insurance more expensive for a sports car than for an economy car?

sports cars are faster than an economy car so they think you will speed and that makes you more likely to get in an accident

How much is the average monthly car insurance premiums?

Car insurance premiums can differ based on a wide range of factors, being exceptionally expensive in cases involving expensive sports cars or with DUI offenses on record. The average monthly premium is $66.66 according to CompUQuotes.

Is a eclipse considered a sports car on insurance?

I was wondering if a eclipse is considered a sports car on insurance

Why is car insurance for sports cars so much more expensive?

This is due to the greater likelihood of accidents taking place which involve sports cars. This means that the risk of a claim being made against the insurance company is higher, and so they charge a higher price to cover their risk.

Wouldn't one think that sports teams would have to buy insurance called sports insurance?

Individuals who plays sports carry insurance. In elementary, high school and college, it is a requirement. Professional players are insured. Professional sports teams, as business with great exposure, carry insurance. School systems carry insurance, as do colleges.

What kinds of insurance covers sports accidents?

Sports Cover Direct is an insurance covering sports accidents. If one goes on their offical website it enumerates all the sports which can be covered.

What is sports insurance?

insurance in sport is just been insured...

Where can one find more information about insurance for sports cars?

One can find more information about insurance for sports cars through and insurance agent. There is a premium insurance which covers these kinds of vehicles.

What is the most expensive type of Sports Car?

The most expensive NEW sports car is the Bugatti Veyron - $1.5 million The most expensive OLD sports car is the Ferrari 250 GTO from 1962 - $12 million

What type of vehicle models qualify for any kind of discount on insurance?

Generally, smaller family sedans will fetch the cheapest insurance premiums. Sports cars and trucks tend to have higher rates.

What companies swiftly provide winter sports insurance?

"Big Blue Cover will provide winter sports insurance. This coverage can be used for single trips or you can add it to an annual policy. However, the winter sports insurance is only active for 17 days. Additionally, American Express also offers winter sports insurance that can be easily added to your travel insurance through American Express."

Do I need sports insurance and what does it cost?

Sports insurance may or may not be needed depending on the insurance coverage that you already have. If you do decide that you need it, the cost can be found with a quote from the website

Do I need sports insurance when I am playing basketball at the pro level?

I would suggest having insurance if you are playing professional basketball. Here's a site that will help you find the best insurance for you.

Where can one acquire winter sports travel insurance?

Winter sports travel insurance is usually covered under you current medical or vehicle insurance. Some ski resorts offer insurance packages if you are worried about injury.

Whar company will give me the best automobile insurance quote in Pa. for an exotic sports car?

Insurance on an exotic sports car can be pricey. I would suggest getting your insurance from Statefarm.

Where can I find information about sports insurance?

You can purchase sports insurance through a variety of insurance and medical companies. You can pick a package that is good for you and covers things that you are interested in. Such as physicals, and medical bills.

Are California car insurance prices high for a sports car?

You will have to expect to pay more for car insurance for a sports car than a sedan. In California it is around the average for a sports car.

Is a Mitsubishi eclipse considered a sports car on insurance?

Yes, any 2 door car is a sports car when it comes to paying insurance

Is it true that insurance companies will charge a higher insurance rate if I purchase a sports car versus a regular vehicle?

Not necessarily. Insurance rates are dependant on your driving record as well as your age, gender and even your credit. Generally speaking, owning an older "family" vehicle will have lower insurance rates.

What is the insurance rate for a 16 year-old male driving a camaro?

The rate will depend upon the year of the car and the insurance company. Most times, insuring 16 years old is very expensive, especially with any type of sports car.

What is the price of of the most expensive sports car?

The most expensive sport car is a lamburgini