Heater Cores and Blower Fans
1995-2005 Chevy Cavaliers

If you have a heater core and new blower motor and new thermostat why would there still be no heat?


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2015-07-16 19:30:43
2015-07-16 19:30:43

my next guess would be a bad water pump or an air door in the dash is not opening, it would probably run hot if the water pump is bad and probably wouldn't blow any air out of the vents if the air door isn't opening, it may also be a clogged ac condenser, if it is dirty enough it wont allow enough air through the heater core

first of all, check your temp control cable that goes down under the dash. Make sure it is not come loose. You can also check your dash temp control knob if you have one and make sure its not stripped out on back where it mates with the control cable. The next item to check would be the heater control which blends the hot/cold temperature.


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Fuse- Blower Motor- Wiring- Selector switch fail- i8f you still have heat to the heater core, if the heater core is cold, and the mottr is still hot... change the thermostat

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Check the Heater blower motor, any vaccuum lines that go into the heater, and fuses under the hood. Sounds like a blower motor though.

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First you have to see if your blower motor is working or not. If it is and still you have no heat then your heater-core is blocked and needs to be replaced.

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