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It depends on the engine size, number of valves in the head, and difficulty of head removal. Typical repair procedure is to remove the head, replace all the valves and valve seals. This ensures the best and most dependable repair. I would guess it will run you anywhere between $600.00-$750.00 for a basic 4 cylinder engine; higher performance 4 cylinder engines will cost more. V-6 & V-8 engines usally run higher because they have 2 heads and both need to be done. Ballpark figure $600.00-$1000.00 or more.

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Q: If you have a leaky valve in your engine how much would it typically cost to have repaired?
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What are the signs of a valve cover leak?

the signs of a valve cover leak are oil on the engine oil is the only thing that can leak from a leaky valve cover

How serious is leaky valve?

depends on the valve

What does an engine top end typically consist of?

Heads and valve train

Can a defective bicuspid aortic valve of the heart be repaired?

Yes, a bicuspid aortic valve can be repaired if it is diseased. The procedure usually involves a small incision and the valve will either be repaired, or more often, replaced with a synthetic valve.

If a leaky valve in your heart can be replaced?

Yes. It can be replaced.

What is a leaky valve that allows backflow of blood?

An incompetent valve allows backflow of blood.

What can cause your mirage to burn oil?

high miles, thin oil, bad valve guides, worn piston rings, leaky head gasket, and/ or a leaky PCV valve.

Is the sorrento engine a noninterference engine?

An interferance engine is typically described as an engine with a valve assembly where, the lowest point of any valve's extension into the cylinder, is lower than the highest point the piston will reach. If valve timings are altered incorrectly or a valve spring breaks, the valve and piston can collide, causing massive damage to the engine.

Can the heart function with a leaky valve?

Not to it's best ability

What would cause oil to blow out the tailpipe?

leaky valve seals

Can you live with a leaky heart valve?

I'm alive. so far

What causes leaky heart valve?

Among other things, an infection.

What is aortic valve insuficiency?

In aortic valve insufficiency, the aortic valve becomes leaky, causing blood to flow backwards into the left ventricle.

If you have a leaky heart valve should you avoid going on roller coasters?


If an Infiniti QX4 check engine light came on and the engine diagnostic read VTC Solenoid Valve what can you do to have it repaired?

Replace the camshaft sensor for whichever bank the code specified. Simple fix

How long can you drive before getting your egr valve repaired on 1999 Acura CL?

How long can you drive before getting your egr valve repaired on 1999 acura cl?

How do you repair leaky valve guides?

This is a machine shop procedure which the head has to come off to accomplish.

What does the egr valve on a 1998 tracker do?

EGR valve is Exhaust Gas Recirculation valve that recirculates exhaust gas through the intake manifold to improve emissions. Typically this valve has a electric connector and harness that is computer controlled. If this valve is faulty, it will cause a check engine light to appear, or a service engine light. In some cases, it will make the vehicle run roughly. Does that help you?

Who created the valve game engine?

Valve created the Half-life and Half-life 2 game engine. Valve is a corporation not a game engine.

Can a leaky check valve on a well pump line cause low water pressure?

No. Low pressure is a function of the well tank. Your pressure tank must have an adequate air pressure to maintain water pressure. A leaky check valve is not good news however, and will cause your pump to run excessively. This valve should be replaced ASAP.

Is a peugeot 206 xsi a 16 valve engine?

1.6 16 Valve engine

Where is the PCV valve located in the engine?

the PVC valve should be located on the valve cover by the intake manifold on top of your engine block

How do you replace the EGR valve on a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer AWD vehicle?

I believe it is at the top rear of the engine (between engine and firewall, just left of center (passenger side). You have to remove (2) bolts (bolted in from the back, toward the front of the vehicle), next, remove the EGR tube nut that goes to the bottom of the valve. Typically, the valve does not go bad. You can test the EGR valve by removing the vacuum connector from the top of the valve, and add vacuum to the top of the valve. If the valve works, the engine will shudder when vacuum is applied. Typically EGR problems on these are caused by the DPFE senser that is located next (toward driver's side)to the EGR valve. It also bolts in from the back with two small bolts, and has (2) vacuum hoses connected to the bottm of the switch.

Where is PCV valve located on 1992 Chevy Corsica?

typically in the valve cover.

Could leaky vale covers cause bad head gasket signs?

If the valve cover is leaking it may let oil flow down the head and make the Head gasket appear to be leaking. Clean the engine and then use oil dye or watch for leaks. If there is a coolant leak it is not the valve cover.