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You need to include all of your debts in the bankruptcy.

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Q: If you have a loan with your thrift savings at work do you have to file on it if you file bankruptcy?
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You owe your sister money can you file bankruptcy on that loan?

If you file bankruptcy, you file bankruptcy on everything. You can not file bankruptcy on one loan.

What is a thrift?

An organization formed as a depository for primarily consumer savings. Savings and loan associations and savings banks are thrift institutions.

What is thrift bank?

Thrift Institution is the general term for savings banks, savings and loan associations, and credit unions

Will your wife have to pay if you file bankruptcy?

If her name is on a loan that you file bankruptcy on than she would then be responsible for that loan. Filing a bankruptcy only gets your name off the loan(s), you would both need to file together.

Can you file bankruptcy on a personal loan?


What is loan reconcillation?

When you file bankruptcy, you may wish to reconcile a loan. Basically, it's a loan that you have that you don't want to file bankruptcy on. You intend to keep paying it as normal, while still declaring bankruptcy on other loans.

Do you still have to repay your loan if you file bankruptcy?

If you file chapter 7 or 13, your loan may discharge in bankruptcy. This is not an automatic process you need to prove to the bankruptcy court that repaying your loan would cause undue hardship.

Can you file for bankruptcy and not default on a title loan?

Yes. With the lender's permission, you can reaffirm the loan at the time your bankruptcy is executed.

Can you file bankruptcy on a truck repo past due loan?

No, if you mean, can you single out this debt to "file bankruptcy on." You file bankruptcy on ALL your creditors. You don't get to pick and choose. But you can certainly include such a debt in bankruptcy.

Who cannot file for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

It does not apply to companies that are regulated by other statutes, such as banks, savings and loan associations, unions, insurance companies, and brokerage firms.

If you have a personal bank loan can you still file for bankruptcy?

Of course.

Can you file bankruptcy if you have a private loan that's not in your name?


Can you file bankruptcy on Nelnet loans?

I am in chapter 13 with part of nelnet loan as repayment. Not sure why they did not file total loan in the plan

Can you file bankruptcy on a home equity loan and credit cards?


What is a savings and loan association?

Savings and loan association or S&L is commonly known as thrift is a kind of financial institution or organization that specializes in accepting savings deposits and lending funds or loans for other companies with a certain rate of return and interests.

If your wife included a joint car loan in her bankruptcy but you did not file bankruptcy are you still liable for that loan?

You will be responsible for the whole debt since you are the only one capable of paying the debt after your wife's bankruptcy.

Can you file bankruptcy and still hold a mortgage loan officer license?


Can you file bankruptcy for your student loans and keep your house out of it?

If the student loan is a federal loan and not a private loan then the answer is no. Federal student loans can not be included in bankruptcy, you will always be responsible for repayment of FEDERAL student loans.

What happens when a loan is cosigned and the borrowers file bankruptcy but the cosigner is deceased?

The loan would be part of the bankruptcy filing. I can't see how the death of the cosigner is significant. (In financial terms, that is.)

Can you get a car loan after you file bankruptcy?

Absolutely, and many other secured items as well.

Do you keep your house when you file bankruptcy?

I believe you can, by reaffirming the loan, but I don't know the details.

Can you file bankruptcy on a government farm loan?

You don't file bankruptcy "on" any loan. You file bankruptcy , listing all of your debts. Debts that are not dischargeable include child support arrears, student loans, federal income taxes filed or changed by the IRS within the three years prior to filing and certain judgments for damages due to fraud. State income taxes also cannot be discharged.If you obtain credit knowing you are bankrupt or intending to file bankruptcy, the creditor can object to the discharge of that loan.

If you file for bankruptcy and have cosigned a loan will that loan be affected?

Yes, it could be. You could reaffirm that particular debt, which means you don't wish to include it in your bankruptcy and that you will continue to make your normal payments.

What happens to your savings and checking account when filing bankruptcy?

Bank accountsYou can generally keep both your checking and savings account when you file for bankruptcy. However, if you also have a loan with the bank and you intend to discharge it, then the bank will close your account. For example, say you have a savings account with your credit union. You also have a signature loan with the credit union. If you file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and do not reaffirm (sign an agreement that you will keep account and continue to pay under original terms) this loan, the credit union will be losing money, so they will no longer provide services to you. More opinions:Chap. 7 gives you several options when you deal with your cash accounts. Roughly speaking, you can keep $4,000. Any more than that will be taken by the court to pay your bills.

If you file for bankruptcy and you cosigned for someone can the car loan be included in the bankruptcy if the person is not making their payments?

YES, you can include it whether the payments are current or not.