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Well, internet connection speeds aren't really effected by memory on your machine. The speed of your connection is pretty much based on your internet service provider. However, you may see a slow-down with your web browser when you don't have a lot of available memory or many applications running while you are Surfing. You should consider "zipping" files that you don't view frequently so they take up less space on your computer. Yep because it takes up space

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Are your msn display pictures saved onto your computer if so where?

They are not autmatically saved. Go to your Hotmail and save them as a J peg in your pictures or personal files.

How do you transfer pictures from your computer to facebook?

On the image, right-click, "Save as", and then choose where you want the images/pictures to be saved to.

How can you get your pictures back when your computer saved them as shortcuts and you no longer have the memory card?

If it only saved the shortcuts than there is no possible way to get your pictures back without the origanal memory card. Just in case the pictures did copy to your computer use the search pictures option and search your entire hard drive and see if they pop up.

How do you save pictures from jcpenney's smiles by wire to your computer?

This site no longer allows portraits to be "right click" saved to your computer.

How can you recover pictures from a computer that were not in 'my pictures' file?

Picture are not necessarily saved to "my pictures" automatically. I'd save another picture and look carefully at where it's being saved to. Also, look in 'my documents' and 'downloads' section.

How do you find all your saved photos in your computer?

You go to my documents and then pictures. They should be there unless you have saved them into another folder elsewhere. Hope this helps!

When you press the reset button on a computer will it delete your pictures?

No. Only stuff that's on the screen and not been saved.

How do you transfer pictures from your laptop to a memory stick?

Go to the saved image on your computer open the removable disk in computer and drag the picture into the folder you want it in.

How do you upload pictures and videos onto your computer from a 3DS?

you need to make sure that the pictures and videos are saved on the SD card. then take the SD card out of your 3DS and put it in into your computer. there you can see all the pictures and videos you took on your 3DS, both normal and 3D files.

How do I get pictures from the net to an album on my facebook account?

you could save them into your computer picture memory. once you have your pictures saved you should go on your facebook, create an album, and click 'add pictures'. find the name of the picture you want to add and there you go!

How do you download pictures in Gmail?

Click on the Text that says "Download" In most of my web browsers I get a notification that the file is being saved and where otherwise you will have to find out just where on your computer downloaded files are saved (This is often a setting that you can change)

How do you post pictures that are not on my computer on movie maker?

The picture files have to be located on your computer to edit/use in Windows Movie Maker. Simply right-click on a picture and choose "Save as". Once the picture is saved on your computer, you can import it into the program.

How do you paste pictures in windows paint with Windows 7?

If your picture that you are trying to get is on the internet, right click the picture then click "Save image as" then type in or keep the name of the picture and now it is saved to your computer. But if the picture is already on the computer, follow these steps 1. Open Paint 2. Click "File" in the top left corner 3. Click "Open" 4. If you saved the image to your computer, go to the file called "Downloads" or "My Downloads" there is no difference whatsoever, but if your picture was already saved it should be in "My Pictures" or "Pictures" same as the first one. 5. Open the picture (you should know the name of it) 6. Paint! ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

How do you enlarge pictures saved to to your computer?

ANSWER:All you need to do is open your pictures folder, then if you have "window photo gallery" or "paint" you can edit the picture you wanted to be bigger. It's very simple but be patience if this is your first time to do it...good luck!!

How do you get computer images?

I'm not exactly sure what you are asking, but here are some possible answers:If you are wondering how to put pictures on your computer from your camera, get a cord that connects the camera to the computer, and if you have a mac, wait for the pictures to pop up, or if you have a PC, wait for a window to pop up asking you what you want to do, and select which program you want to open your pictures with or where you want to save them. You can do it digitally like that, or you can just take the SD card out of the camera and put it into the SD card slot on the computer.If you want to know how to find images on the Internet search for something on google images, right click on the picture, and save it where you want to save it on your computer (usually My Pictures)If you want to find pictures you already saved, either open up Microsoft Picture Manager for a PC, or iPhoto for a Mac and then choose which pictures you want to open. You can also find and open a picture by opening the folder you saved it in (My Pictures, or Karen's Folder are some examples). Then double click on the image to open it.

How do you erase saved doodle buddy pictures?

A kitty

Can you keep your saved pictures when you switch carriers?

Yes, you can keep your pictures and usually you can keep the phone.

Is there a program on mac that will let you color in line drawn pictures saved onto your computer like a coloring book?

Yes, there are lots of apps for this. Give Pixelmator a try.

Is there a way you can permanently delete pictures of your phone?

Connect your phone to a computer and manually delete it. Remember to search through many folders, since thumbnails of it can secretly be saved.

How do you use roblox cam?

You use the Roblox cam if you wanted to save a picture to your computer/laptop. It would be saved in your pictures so you can do what ever you want with the picture of your Robloxian.

Where can someone download comedy pictures?

You can download funny pictures from websites and image result pages that post them. Just right click on your Windows based computer and save the images that you want. Some images might be blocked from being saved.

What does a hardrive do in a computer?

It is where all of the computers files are saved and where all of you files are saved.

Can you send pictures saved on a psp by email to others?


Is there a way to tell if someone is stealing your MySpace pics?

not unless you have an idea as to who might have stolen them. otherwise theres not really a way to find out who has right clicked on your pictures and saved them to their computer.

Can pictures be saved to a floppy disk?

Yes, although there will probably not be enough space for most higher resolution pictures.

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