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No that by itself does not make you unfit to be a mother but it does mean that you will need to learn how to be a good mother. There is no rule book but you do have to follow a few rules on how to be a Mother. The most important thing to remember is that now you have a child that is totally depended on you for everything. Food, shelter, medicne, everything from the shoes on its feet to the toys that they play with. They must right now come first. Once you figure that out the rest is easy to learn. Good luck

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Q: If you have a neglect charge against you does that make you an unfit mother?
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What makes a mother unfit during a shared parenting agreement?

Abuse, neglect, or incapability.

What is an unfit mother?

Any mother who cannot or will not adequately provide for her child emotionally and physically. * Unfit mother (parent) is a societal term rather than legal. What some would define as unfit would not necessarily be the same as the legal definition of what constitutes neglect and/or abuse.

Can a mother be considered unfit if she and her kids move in with her boyfriend?

This is not considered an unfit mother. Where a mother lives is not anything that makes a mother fit or unfit. A mother who is a drug addict or an alcoholic that is drunk all the time is an unfit mother.

Can a father take a newborn from its mother?

NO. only if the mother is unfit.

What makes an unfit mother in the courts of Illinois?

the only thing in my eyes that would make a mother unfit if she is uncapable of putting her kids before drugs .

If a mother is in a relationship with a convicted felon of kidnapping is the mother considered unfit?


When can a mother be declared unfit?

who would Know

What constitutes an unfit home?

An unfit home is a place where children are not safe. This can be because of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Neglect is a factor in unfit homes. The children may not be properly looked after or have their physical or emotional needs met. Drug abuse and alcoholism in the home by a parent may be constituted as abuse, leading to an unfit home.

What actors and actresses appeared in Travels with My Unfit Mother - 2004?

The cast of Travels with My Unfit Mother - 2004 includes: Anne Robinson as herself Emma Wilson as herself

How do you prove a cheating wife an unfit mother?

A cheating wife is not necessarily an unfit mother, unless she is not looking after the children properly and that fact isn't only the purview of a cheating wife.

What actions need to be taken to prove that a mother is unfit?

I would think you would need to prove it in court. Whatever area you think they are unfit, you will need physical proof, not just hearsay, for example: drug addiction, mental illness, sexual abuse, neglect or abandonment. I would talk to your local Social Services and ask them what steps need to be taken.

How do you take custody from an unfit mother?

You do not take custody of a child from a mother who you think is an unfit parent. You petition a court to make a determination that the parent is unfit and grant custody or a guardianship to you. See related link regarding the factors a court considers in determining a parent to be unfit.

Mother drinks is she a unfit mother because it upsets her son?

Many many parents drink to excess and some are violent alcoholics. The definition of an unfit mother is probably a little bit more devastating than being "upsetting".

Can a 16 year old living in Illinois with her mother move to Oklahoma with her brother and his family without her mother's permission?

Unless your brother and his family can prove your mother is unfit to raise you then no, you can't legally move out of your mother's home. If your mother is unfit and your brother and his family want you to live with them then they will have to go to court for custody.

What are the release dates for Public Defender - 1954 The Unfit Mother 1-2?

Public Defender - 1954 The Unfit Mother 1-2 was released on: USA: 18 March 1954

How can a mother lose her child to a grandparent?

If she can be proven unfit in some way.

Mother sleeps all day and lives on welfare is she unfit?

Not from that information.

How do you report an unfit mother?

Telephone your nearest child social services.

What subject does Bruno's mother consider unfit for conversation in The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas?


What makes a mother deemed unfit in GA?

It's not a matter of being unfit, but the best interest of the children. see link below

Can a 13 year old mother keep her baby?

It's always up to the mother no matter how old she is to decide that as long as she is not a unfit mother.

How can a mother lose custody of a minor in Texas?

If she has been found to be an unfit parent. See the related question for factors a court uses to judge a parent to be unfit.

If a 19month old never has a jacket shoes or socks on is her mother unfit?

No. Not because of that.

If the father doesn't have custody and the mother is unfit can a grandmother get custody?

It's possible.

Can the government take a newborn from a mother at birth?

Yes, if she has been found unfit.