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Im 10 years older than my sister. I have an older brother aswell. She Loves us to bits! She can copy us, and i have also managed to help her with her ABC'S numbers, shapes and also trying to teach her Spanish. I think its good to have an older sibling, as it helps them.. "mature" and also it means they have someone to look up too, and admire.

{ By the way, im quite young, but i think that helps, as this is from my own experience }

Yes. The baby can live with older kids, it should at least. It will always have people at least 10 years older to talk to for wisdom and advise.

I am 28 years old and I have a brother who just turned 17 in Feb. I think that it is the best thing to do. I have a GREAT relationship with my brother. I have an older brother too. We are 19 months apart and we are close too. I am closer to my younger brother though. Also I am a girl and I am in the middle of 2 boys so you would think that I would be tighter with the older one. He protected me from all of the bad guys when I was younger. It is actually weird, but I am glad that I have my little brother. He vents to me about my parents and I get to tell him to sit back shut up because I did not have half of what he does and that he should be grateful. I am glad that my parents can give it to him. He is spoiled not only by them, but me also. So it does have its advantages. I have 3 kids to whom he watches sometimes. He helps me alot too. So dont be discouraged!!!!

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Q: If you have a third child at age 37 when you already have two beautiful kids ages 11 and 10 is it fair on the baby given the large age gap?
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