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No. On the contrary, you should try to incorporate more into your diet. Try to avoid saturated fats like margarine.

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If you have a nonmodifiable risk factor for a disease what should you do?

alter the life styly factors that effect that disease in order to reduce your risk

What can you do to reduce your risk factors?

To reduce your risk factors, which can help you reduce your chances of getting cancer, you should have a healthy diet and stay away from tobacco.

What are some trade-offs in choosing to be tested for genetic disease?

Well choosing to be tested for a genetic disease , the trade-off'sare usually that youu should know what disease youu have& how did youu get iht .

Should probiotics be recommended for cardiovascular disease?

Well, inflammation and cholesterol are two of the big causes of cardiovascular disease. Probiotics have been shown to reduce these two factors, so yes, they can be useful. However, they probably should be used in conjunction with other treatment.

Should Every individual with a family history of genetic disease should be tested for the disease causing gene?

That is one of the MOST personal decisions that there is- and there is no one answer for it.

Discuss what factors should determine how a person with an infectious disease should be treated?

in ur as@

Should genetic improvements be done on humans?

Yes, but only for the treatment and overcome the deadly disease.

Is hemophilia a virus a bacteria or a protist?

It is a genetic disease. Hemophilia is a genetic blood disorder. The person with this disorder has blood that doesn't clot as it should. It is not caused by a bacteria, virus or a protist.

Why should patients with liver or kidney disease be cautious in the use of colony stimulating factors?

In people who have kidney disease, liver disease, or conditions caused by inflammation or immune system problems, colony stimulating factors may make these problems worse.

What's the most serious risk factors for heart disease?

There are many risk factors for heart disease. A family history of the disease should mean that the offspring be a bit more careful with their own cardiac health. Chances will increase with unhealthy living.

Circulating levels of high-density lipoprotein should be?

Decreased to reduce the risk of coronary artery disease.

Why should you reduce body fat?

So You can be a healthier, happier person and have a longer life and less risk of disease

Heart disease how does it work?

the following link should give all of the answers Heart Disease Risk Factors

What causes changes in male puberty?

Diet plays an important role in puberty development. Also genetic factors should be accounted for.

Are you more likely to get celiac disease if your brother has got it?

Yes. Celiac disease is completely genetic and the chances of you having it if an immediate family member has it are very good. You should definitely get tested as soon as possible.

Should genetic engeernering controlled by law?

should genetic engineering be controlled by law

What additional genetic factors increase the resemblance between siblings and which is important for evolutionary change and why?

Maybe you should do your bio homework by using the book...

What diet should a diabetic follow?

One with diabetes should have a diet that keeps blood sugar stable, which helps prevent heart disease and also prevent or reduce obesity

Differennce between rheumatiod arthritis and osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a disease that happens as a result of wear and tear or traumatic damage to joints or perhaps in some cases genetic factors to do with flaws in the way joints are built.Rheumatoid Arthritis is an Auto immune disease. With this disease the immune system mistakenly attacks cartilage and similar tissue through out the body leading to joint disability and possible damage to a number of other tissues and organs in the body. If RA s suspected immediate treatment should be considered as this disease can be crippling.

How may dietary changes reduce a person's risk of heart disease?

Patients should eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, grains, and non-fat or low-fat dairy products, and reduce fats to less than 30% of all calories. Alcoholic beverages should be limited

Would it be possible that the younger sibiling could have the same disease as the older sibiling?

Of course. Some diseases are genetic and could be carried by both siblings. The important thing is to know as much as you can about the disease, why it occurs, and if it is transmitted genetically or some other way. Information is the key to answer this question, and if you are concerned there are also some genetic tests that can be run to determine the likelihood of a genetic disease showing up in a family member. You should talk to your doctor and find out as much as you can before you worry too much about the chances of both children being sick. Good luck.

What should a 14 year old male weigh?

This question is dependent on your genetic background: height, weight, etc. For a semi-accurate estimation, plug in the child's information into a BMI calculator. I say semi-accurate because there are so many different factors that can influence weight, such as disease, genetics, diet, and physical exercise.

Should genetic researchers be allowed to transplant specific genes to create the prefect human being?

Yes if it serves the purpose of helping to find a disease. No because their could be problems and complications.

Should genetic testing be allowed?


What should you eat to get an hourglass figure?

Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of having an hourglass figure. Much of the way the body is shaped is determined by bone structure and other genetic factors.

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