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If you have an associates degree what do you need to do to receive your bachelors?


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I would advise that you contact the Transfer Counselor at the college where you completed your Associates Degree. Ask what articulations the school has with other four year colleges and universities particular to your field of study. In addition, to get a better idea of the opportunities available to you at the Bachelors level, go to and take advantage of the sites College MatchMaker. Here you can research colleges particular to name, major, and geographical area. Do not tire in your attempt to further your education. The higher the degree, the more doors that will be opened to you. Viper1


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You do not need an associates degree to get a bachelors, one is just more extensive than the other. If I were you, I would go straight for the bachelors.

Yes. You can go for your bachelors, but in most states you just need an associates.

Yes you can, however you will need to complete your bachelors degree first.Yes you can, however you will need to complete your bachelors degree first.Yes you can, however you will need to complete your bachelors degree first.Yes you can, however you will need to complete your bachelors degree first.Yes you can, however you will need to complete your bachelors degree first.Yes you can, however you will need to complete your bachelors degree first.

No, it's the bachelors degree that's necessary. If one were to start with a two year degree, the sequential order would be the associates degree, followed by the bachelors degree, then the masters, and lastly the doctorate. Some individuals prefer to start with an associates degree, while others prefer to start with the bachelors.

Yes, however typically the bachelors degree comes before the masters degree in most cases, but it will depend on the school to accept you with the associates. Some medical schools with accept you into graduate school without a bachelors degree.

You need a BSN to help deliver babies. An RN with an Associates Degree won't let you, but a Bachelors degree (BSN) will.

It will depend on the course requirements for the bachelors degree. Typically you can apply your course work from your asscoiates degree to the bachelors - as long as those course meet requirements for the associates degree. Only the coursees you took for your associates degree that will count are the ones that need to be taken for the bachelors. It depends on the degree program. If you got an associates in Business and want a bachelors in psych - then you eill probably need more than 2 years to get the BA - Depending on the school and program you attend. It will all depend on if the bachelors program will accept your prior coursework. So to answer your question, it is not the amount of years that will determin when you will get the bachelors but the amount of courses you still need. If all your associates courses count toward the bachelors, then you would only need around 60 more credits to get a bachelors, which normally takes 2 years full-time. Probably though, some classes wont transfer to the bachelor program, but it will all depend on what courses you have taken and what program you wish to attend for the bachelors. Hope this helps!

Answer 1: Assuming that the two years of the associates degree count toward the entire first two (freshman and sophomore) years of the bachelors degree, then the student would enter said bachelors degree as a full junior, and would then need to complete only the junior and senior years. In such a circumstance, it would take just two (2) years of full-time study, after the associates degree, to earn a bachelors degree.An associates degree is nothing more than one-half of a bachelors degree. Simple as that.

Most local police only need an associates in criminal justise but it doesn't hurt to have a bachelors. State Police usually reguire Bachelors or an associates with 2 years experience in military or law enforcement.

Yes, because everywhere that is one of the core basic requirements in order to get either an Associates or Bachelors degree

Most colleges have a specific marketing degree program. You can find accredited schools that offer an Associates or Bachelors degree.

With the Associates degree you could work in a long term care facility as the admissions coordinator, administrative assistant but in order to actually be the administrator you would need your bachelors degree. You can look on line and it should tell you more of what you can do with the Associates degree.

Well if you know that you want to go ahead and get your bachelors in nursing there is no need to obtain your associates because you will still go through the same program and classes. It would just basically be an extension of classes from your associates. So If you want a bachelors in nursing, enroll in the bachelors nursing program, not the associates.

Answer 1: A bachelors degree is a four-year degree containing 120 semester credit hours. An associates degree is a two-year degree containing 60 semester credit hours. Someone with an associates degree, then, would need to go to school for two more years, and earn an additional 60 semester credit hours in order to earn a bachelors.Sadly, though, it might not be quite as easy as all that. If the institution that awards the bachelors degree decides that something is missing from the associates degree, then some additional coursework, too make-up for whatever the associates degree lacks, might be required. Most bachelors programs don't require so much that it will add another year or anything like that; but it's entirely possible that an entire summer session's worth of additional courses may be necessary. With any luck, though, the entirety of the associates degree will count as the entire first two years of the bachelors degree, and so, therefore, an additional two years is all it will take to earn the bachelors.

After high school you need to enroll in a college or university and earn a associates degree, bachelors degree or a masters degree in nursing or healthcare.

You need a PhD, which is beyond a Master's Degree. Meaning that you'd get an Associate's first, then a Bachelor's, then a Master's, then a Doctoral.

You need to take classes for about 3 to 4 Years for a bachelors degree. Some of the schools require you to go the college itself and some of them let you do it all online.

There is no need to get an AA and a BA. The BA supercedes the AA. If you're going after the PHD, just get the BA (Or Bachelors of Science), MA then PHD. The Associates degree means nothing if you already have the Bachelors degree. Sidenote: An associates degree does not necessarily mean nothing if you already have a Bachelors, sometimes students with BA's decide to make a career change and enroll in a two year associates program to get additional training.

You need a bachelors degree and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree.

The associates degree is often a springboard for students intending to transfer to a four year institution to pursue a bachelors degree. In this case, the associates degree would come first, then the bachelors degree. However, there are some individuals who have a bachelors degree and then take an associates because of a want or need to change careers. In other words, someone who already has a bachelors degree in business, may wish to then take an associates degree to become a registered nurse. Still, many individuals who intend to complete a bachelors degree, start with the associates degree first. Individuals take an associates degree for a variety of reasons; below are listed some of these reasons. * Cost of tuition and fees * Smaller academic community * More one on one attention * Did not meet the admissions requirements of the four year college or university * Better student to professor ratio * Career oriented programs to enter the workforce after the two years * Transfer programs to four year colleges and universities * Existing career enhancement

"It is possible to get a job in Telecommunications with an associates degree. However, a bachelors degree or higher is standard and will increase the likelihood of obtaining a job."

Probably but you need to work this all out with the college giving the BS degree.

at least a bachelors degree at least a bachelors degree

Yes you can. You need to find a 2 or 4 year school that will accept a GED for entry. You may have to start at a community college and get an Associates Degree. Once you receive that from an accredited college, look to an accredited 4 year college to get your Bachelors Degree.

To work in nursing all you really need is your Associates Degree in Nursing, but workplaces are now seeking people with their bachelors degree instead. It is also possible to get your masters and doctorates.

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