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If you have an eating disorder how do you keep from being hungry?

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ignore it! keep busy, do something, keep moving, even if you feel hungry, think of it as the fact you're feeling lighter!! If you have an eating disorder you need to seek professional help as soon as possible. You can't keep yourself from being hungry. There is no magic pill or method to erase the feeling of hunger. Hunger is your body's way of telling you that it needs food and it needs it soon. Should you choose not to eat your body will start to metabolize the fat cells. Once those are gone the body will start digesting vital organs and other parts of the body. Evenutally, you will die.

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How can an eating disorder affect your friendship?

If you have an eating disorder, you may or may not confide in your friends about it. If you do, you may have strained friendships. Your friends may feel torn between telling someone out of concern for you & wanting to keep it a secret because they're afraid you will be angry or hate them if they tell. If you have an eating disorder & do not confide in your friends about the disorder, you may end up alienating yourself from your friends. You may stop hanging out with their friends to avoid the chance of being offered food & having to come up with excuses of why you aren't hungry. Eventually, you may lose your friends because they get tired of being blown off.

What can you do to stop being hungry without eating?

basically all you have to do is not think about food. chew bubble gum, and if that doesn't work that do something keep yourself distracted from eating.

What should i do if i am hungery even when i eat?


What is the eating disorder where you gorge yourself and never get full so you keep eating?

Prader-Willi Syndrome

Is eating when being bored considered an eating disorder?

hmm.. no. its just an eating habit that you should probably try your best to get rid of. Just do things to keep your mind off eating. or drink water. thirst is often mistaken by hunger.

What kinds of excuses do anorexics use to keep from eating?

They argue they are always hungry and unsatisfied

Why does fat keep the body from being hungry?

Fat keeps the body from being hungry because once you store heavy food in your system it stays in there and you'll get hungry later on but you won't stay hungry at that moment.

What does it mean when you keep missing periods some off the months?

It means you are pregnant or you have an eating disorder

You are not eating and at lunch your friends keep asking why you are not eating what do you tell them?

I'm not hungry; I don't feel well; I already ate -- You could also try the truth on why you aren't eating.

Why are you always hungry after eating a large meal?

it depends on the type of food, if the food is better for you then it tends to only satisfy and fill you from a large meal instead of make you want to keep eating.

What to do to keep the body in shape?

by eating less and by being careful what you are cooking

How can i grow my body?

Just keep eating all the time...... Don't keep urself hungry, eat up wenever u feel hungry........... N also indulge urself in Gym exercise's......I gained 2.5kg's in just a month by following it.......:-) Happy Growing....;-)

Why would someone throw up after eating?

Often, people will do that if they suffer from bulimia, which is an eating disorder. You have to keep in mind that food poisoning or allergies might cause such an event on occasion, too.

Symptoms for this disorder include strict dieting following by eating bings and using excuses to go to the bathroom immediately after meals?

EDNOS, also known as Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified. Strict dieting and wish to lose weight are symptoms of anorexia, binge eating and possible throwing up to keep the weight off are the symptoms of bulimia.

What is hoarding disorder?

Hoarding disorder is when you keep everything you get and see!

If I make my self throw up multiple times do you think I will develop an eating disorder?

If you are already throwing up your food you have probably already developed a disorder. The healthiest thing you could do would be to keep eating and to keep it all down, bulimia nervosa (which is what it sounds like you have) can kill you. If you are doing it because you think that you will get thin then you are wrong, you will probably gain weight instead of losing it.

How can you tell if you are just dieting or if you are anorexic?

As long as you are getting the daily requirement of nutrients and eating healthy food, you are just dieting. If you are not eating...or not eating frequently, you have an eating disorder. You should try to eat some healthy food to keep your metabolism high. After a hard breakup, I stopped eating, and my metabolism plummeted...not fun!

Can cats be stopped from eating lizards?

Cats are natural hunters, they are always looking for food because they are always hungry. The only way would be to keep your cat in the house.

What is the function of cells in the small intestine?

to keep you eating healthy because that is what makes you hungry if there were no cells do you know what would happen we would all be dead yes dead

How do wild cats survive other than hunting and eating?

They have to have certain tactics to keep them save from other hungry animals out there. They need to have the ability to have self protection from predators.

Why does your dog keep glaring at you?

it might be hungry :) i stare at people when im hungry lol :)

Is overeating classed as an eating disorder?

YES it is considered an eating disorder. Overeating is as bad for you as under eating. If you over eat your body can function up to its full potential due to the systems shutting down or they are unable to keep up with everything dumped in the body. It depends on what you consider over eating, though. If what this person is doing is eating an obscene (to you) amount of food such as fruits, vegetables, etc. then that would not be considered over eating unless they are suffering from a specific condition of which there are far too many to mention in this one post.

What causes a pouch from a gastric bypass to stretch and what can be done to correct it?

The pouch stretches if someone overeats. You have to listen to your stomach (or your pouch) and stop eating when you're no longer hungry. If you keep eating when you're not hungry or when you're full, the pouch will stretch. If this has occurred, talk to your doctor about options. They may put you on a liquid diet until your stomach tightens back up.

Eating disorder causes yellow toe nails?

Yes, they can. People who suffer from eating disorders tend to lack vital and essentail nutrients in their diet from lack of eating properly. These missing nutrients cannot help keep nails healthy, so they can discolor, become brittle, or fall out.

Why do i always feel sick after eating?

Maybe the food you're eating isn't agreeing with you and you could be allergic to something. You could have an eating disorder if you don't eat enough or eat too much. Bulimia is an eating disorder in which you keep eating a lot to throw up your food. Ayraayra: There are also several medical conditions that could lead to this including; Celiac disease, in which the body can't tolerate gluten, or any kind of intestinal blockage, if this continues I would recommend going to the doctor and having them refer you to a specialist.

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