If you have an eviction from 1999 and no rental history since then will an apartment complex rent to you?

We were able to rent with no rental history and had an evection from 2000. we are in Ohio ao it may be different but that is our experience.

It is totally up to the landlord's discretion whether to rent to you or not. As I am sure you are aware, you are not the most ideal candidate and you could be competing with other candidates who don't have these obstacles.

When applying, you should be truthful with your potential landlord, and if possible find other ways of convincing the landlord that you will be a good tenant, such as showing you have a reliable credit history and income stream and even getting a letter of recommendation from whoever you have previously been paying rent to. Another suggestion is to offer to pay extra security deposit or to pay a month in advance, or to get a co-signer on your lease. These are just suggestions for you to try to re-establish your rental history.