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Most electric pumps have a guard at the bottom to prevent leaves and such from getting into the pump. Unfortunately, you need to have usually about 1/2" to 1" of water in the pool for the pump to work. I would suggest trying to drain the remaining water with a hose.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-21 17:41:05
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Q: If you have an inground gunite pool that was drained using the pump why can't you develop suction to drain it out now that there is only a bit in the bottom?
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Is there a way to flush out the bottom drain of an inground pool when it has no suction due presumably to leaves and debris blocking it?

If they feel main drains are not required that brings their marketing/ sales practices into question.

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I had an inground pool installed. We just turned on the lights at night and noticed footprints on the bottom. Can this be fixed? Call the pool company back. The bottom is normally sand mixed with cement. The liner will probably have to be removed and bottom smoothed. They should have checked that before installing the liner. Those printswi catch sediment and debris for the life of the liner.

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Personally, I'd call a pool company.

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Have the pool drained and acid washed.

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How do you remove excess rain water in inground pool?

To remove excess rain water in an inground pool, you likely want to get a filter. You can also install a drain at the very bottom of the pool, but this will need to be closed if there were water in the pool for swimming.

Vacuum get stuck on bottom of pool?

No the momment you throw it in the water it would short out and shut off. With out suction it wont be able to stay at the bottom of the pool.

Why does an inground pool have wrinkles on the bottom and sides?

Hydrostatic pressure or poor water chemistry. If the watertable is high the liner will float and when the water recedes will create a suction and pinch the liner. If your alkalinity and stabilizer levels are low the sanitizer will not have any molecules to attach to so it goes after the vinyl. The pulls the plastizer out the vinyl and causes it to prematurely fade and wrinkle.

How do you remove glass from the bottom of an inground swimming pool?

Call a local pool store and ask what they recommend in lieu of draining the pool.

There are 2 holes in the bottom of your inground pool skimmer which one should be plugged when opening your pool?

you shouldn't be plugging any holes at the opening! that's when u REMOVE plugs. If you meant pool closing you plug the one that has the suction. usually one of the 2 holes is caped off a few inches down. Only one hole runs to the pump.

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I have two side skimmers and a bottom drain i can't seem to get the correct suction to use on my vacuum hose?

lift out the skimmer basket there should be a floating diverter with a flap that closes off suction. some skimmer baskets are rotated to do the same thing. insert your hose into the other skimmer. turn off suction to the main drain if you need more suction.

Has anyone ever used sani-tred products in an inground pool with steel sides and vermiculite bottom?

Vermiculite is not a suitable substrate.

Can you leave an inground pool swimming with concrete bottom and stainless steel sides with a hydrostatic valve empty over the winter?

Theoreticaly Yes

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Your ingound pool has to much suction you cannot move the brush on the bottom of the pool even with the valve almost fully open?

You can get a by pass valve that will alleviate some of the suction by taking water into the hose at another point.

Is it possible to change a concrete pool into a liner pool if your inground concrete pool has cracks along the side down near the bottom?

Yes it can be done

How do you remove over filled oil?

Take the screw out of the bottom of the sump until enough has drained then put it back.

How thick should the bottom and walls be when making a concrete inground pool?

the concrete should be 6" according to this site