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Many young people will marry just before entering college, but the successful marriage stats are low. It could be all the studying, not having enough time together or, one or both of the partners could find someone else they care more about. People are constantly learning more and maturing more and our needs change as do our intellectual levels. I'd wait to get married. Get into 1 or 2 years of college and see how you both feel by then. It's much easier to split-up as boyfriend/girlfriend than pay for a divorce. I do have friends that met in high school and married as soon as they graduated. One went to college and they did have a successful marriage and raised 3 children. Unfortunately his wife died when they were ready to retire, but I did notice while grieving (can take well over a year) the deceased wife's husband was going through women like he was picking out toys on a whim in a toy shop. He didn't mean any disrespect for her, but was lonely and I have no doubt he missed having dated other women before he settled down with his wife.

2013-02-28 12:48:57
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