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* There are several reasons for cramps but it has nothing to do with yeast infection. * Yes, it can be related to yeast infection.

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Q: If you have been diagnosed with yeast infection and you now have cramping - but it is not time for your period - could the cramps be a symptom of yeast infection?
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What is the primary symptom of Giardia infection?

Abdominal cramps is the primary symptom of giardia infection.

You are ttc and you ovulated on 1017 and am having a lot of cramping and no af but am having a lot of white discharge no stds or infection and no smell is this a symptom of pregnancy?

I think that white discharge and cramping are symptoms of pregnancy. I had really bad cramps in the beginning of my pregnancy and very white discharge. I think that white discharge and cramping are symptoms of pregnancy. I had really bad cramps in the beginning of my pregnancy and very white discharge.

Is a gassy cramping in the abdomen a sign of pregnancy a cross between period cramps and gas?

Yes this can be a pregnancy symptom.

Are muscle cramps a symptom of diabetes?

I have type 1 diabeties, and I do experience some major cramps that have never happened to me before I was diagnosed with it. However, I told my doctor about it, but she said that they have not officialy connected it with diabetes.

What causes cramping you?

when your dehydrated you get cramps.

Are period-like cramps a pregnancy symptom?

Yes, they can be, however it is more likely that the cramps are caused by ovulation (an egg being released) which often results in cramping, or that your period is going to arrive soon. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your period

I'm 3 days late and have cramps could I be pregnant?

Yes, it's possible. Cramping is sometimes a symptom of early pregnancy. It might be a good idea to take a test!

How do you say cramping in spanish?

calambres = cramps dando calambres = cramping apretando = cramping, restricting

Do you always get cramps during your period?

No. Many women have no cramping and most women have no cramping after their first childbirth

Are leg cramps a symptom of low potassium?

It could be.

Are muscle spasms and cramps a symptom of hyperphosphatemia?


Do you feel cramps during implantation bleeding?

You can. Each woman is different, but cramping is possible. I had very mild/ dull cramps

What is abdominal cramping?

Abdominal means in your stomach so cramps in your belly.

Will you still have menstrual cramps monthly after having hysterectomy?

No, you will not have menstrual cramps after having a hysterectomy. if you have cramping, it could be another health issue.

How do you tell if you have menstrual cramps?

You tell that you have menstrual cramps because you are cramping during menstruation. Menstrual cramps are lower abdominal pain that can feel like a vice gripping the uterus.

Birth control and cramping?

birth control should reduce the amounts of cramps that you have

Is it possible to have cramps before a period?

Yes, premenstrual cramping is very normal.

Does cramping after you ovulate mean your not pregnant?

No you can still have cramps during your first trimester

Is slight cramping normal in the first trimester?

Yes cramping is normal during the first trimester. Its due to the baby growing and stretching you internally which is why you have cramps. Any bloody discharge, or spotting or sharp cramps should be reported to your doctor.

Which is the earliest stage of miscarraige?

The earliest sign of a miscarraige is painful cramping and bleeding. Some cramps are normal, as well as pink or brown bleeding. The cramping that is normal will feel like mild period cramps. Any type of painful cramping as opposed to minor discomfort I would recommend going to the hospital.

Why do you feel cramps in your legs after running hard?

The cramps are a symptom of muscle fatigue, low sodium, or low potassium, but the cause of your cramps is most likely muscle fatigue.

Does cramping usually happen the day before you start spotting Like when you PMS?

Cramping can happen whenever! I sometimes get cramps 2 weeks before I actually start my period. My worse cramps come the day before and the day of my period.

What are symptoms after a miscarriage?

When miscarriage cramps and such as stomach pain is a symptom of misscarige

Why do i get menstrual cramps?

Cramps are a PMS from having your period. Im not quite sure why you get cramps but every girl differs. I tell you i do not get cramps. But cramps are a symptom of your period. There are other symptoms to like bloating, fatigue, and sore boobs. Hope this helped

Does menstrual cramps affect fertility?

No, menstrual cramps are a symptom of a problem not the cause of a problem. Menstrual cramps are most commonly a result of hormonal imbalance, but if severe ask your doctor for tests.

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