If you have been going out with a guy for over 5 years and he wants a break should you keep in contact with him and how long should a break last if you were planning to get married?

Hi, I think that 5 years is enough time to give a person to decide whether they are going to get married or not. If the person wants to break up you have no other choice other than to let that person go. I would cut all strings and make no plans on going back with them. I know that this sounds hard and difficult, but you have to get on with your life. You deserve to be with someone who loves and values you. You need to be in a relationship with someone who considers you the "love of their life." It will be difficult for you at first and that person will probably keep calling you, but you have to get on with your life. There are many people out there that will love you, but you have to love yourself first before they will. Value yourself and use this relationship as a learning experience. This person taught you a lot and mostly how to stay in a relationship. However, you need to find happiness with a long-term commitment. Five years is way too long to decide if a person is right for you. Regardless of what is keeping this person from making a permanent commitment, you need to end it. I think you also need to re-think how long you will give the next person to make a long-term commitment. Look for that special someone. You can find it. I also think that you should pray to God because it has been my experience that God guides us into loving relationships. I am not a real religious person, but do believe in God and love is a blessing from God. Good luck and I will pray for you.