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If you have been with your husband 13 years and you have both always said you didn't want kids and he has had a vasectomy how can you tell him that you want to have a child?



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Have honest, open communication about how you feel and ask if he still feels the same about not wanting children. Ask yourself when you started to have the desire to be a parent. Have you always wanted kids, but lied to your husband initially? What reasons do you want to raise a child? Is raising a child (whether biological or adopted) more important to you than being in a relationship with your husband? Never coerce or give ultimatums in order to make someone become a parent that doesn't want to--it's a recipe for disaster. If you and your husband still cannot agree on a decision to have children or not, both of you should talk to a counselor about your situation. You just tell him that you would like to have kids. If you two disagree tremendously, maybe you need to part ways and start your new life with what makes you happy. Maybe adoption is an option for you two.