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Being this far along in the Public system, I would just keep what I got. Why, don't you want to have the joy and honor of graduating amongst your peers?

If you want to you may. I did almost the same thing. I attended my local high school in 9th grade, and it was terrible. Now almost half way through my Sophmore year, i plan on going back to public school, this is not because home schooling is bad. I had been homescholed my entire elementary and middle school life, and it was great. Homeschooling is tough though, the work is harder. So if you wish to Homeschool, Go for it! it is a wonderful experience. ~Danielle

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What can you tell me about Taylor's swifts education?

I know she went to Hendersonville High School and then she was homeschooled for her junior and senior years

Was Adam Young homeschooled?

No. Adam Young went to public schools. He went to Owatonna Senior High School.

How old is a high school senior?

Depend on how early they started school but most will be 17 years old most of their first semester Sr year & turn 18 during second semester.

Where does Miley Cyrus go to school?

Miley Cyrus was homeschooled for her highschool year. Her teacher went with her on tour and out of the country. She graduated her senior year 2011.

What year did Taylor Swift Attend School?

she attended school her freshman and sophomore year and then was homeschooled for junior and senior year while on the road touring with celebs like brad paisley

What in the world is a semester at sea?

A semester at sea is a great experience for any High School Senior. The kids leave on a cruise around the world in the Fall and then they study on this ship for the next ten months.

How to get through the second semester of your senior year?


Can you get homeschooled for the first semester and then transfer to public school the next so you can engage in senior activities?

Sure. Public education through high school is generally a right for all children 18 and under in the US. However, the school can determine where to place you, since a homeschool is not accredited unless you use an accredited curriculum like K12 or Seton. In other words, they could make you repeat your entire senior year. You would want to check with your school about what you will need to do or submit to ensure that you are re-admitted at the appropriate grade level. Also, make sure your homeschool curriculum includes any courses necessary for graduation from your public school.

What year would Justin Bieber be in if he was at school?

Justin is 17 so that would put him in his junior or senior year. Like most young celebrities he is homeschooled from his tour bus and has a private tutor.

What comes after middle school?

senior school

What are the best 10 schools in Ashanti Region?

opoku ware senior high school prempeh college knust senior high school kumasi high senior high school st louis senior high school yaa asantewaa senior high school kumasi academy senior high school kumasi anglican kumasi girls senior high school

Where did Shawn Johnson go to high school?

Valley High School in West Des Moines, IA. She attended 10th and 11th grade there but was homeschooled her senior year. I know that cause I go to the same highschool and theres posters up everywhere about her(:

If I have to go into my fifth year of high school aka super senior and say I only need to pass one semester of a certain class Would I still get my high school diploma or would it be a GED?


Where did Dave Batista go to College?

He didn't. He stated in his book, Batista Unleashed, that he never finished his senior year in high school.

Are you considered a high school senior the summer of your senior year or when you actually physically start school?

As soon as school is out after 11th grade, you are a senior!

How do you become a teachers assistant?

At my school, all I know is that you have to be a senior and have a free period open. Then you just ask the teacher of your choice if you can be their TA for the semester or year. If they say yes, you're in.

When was Mayfield Senior School created?

Mayfield Senior School was created in 1931.

When was The King's School Senior created?

The King's School Senior was created in 1987.

What is the name of a high school in Hollywood?

well.... there is Hollywood senior high school, Fairfax senior high school, Loyola high school, San Fernando senior high school, Burbank high school, Belmot senior high school, and Arcadia high school thats all i know

I am a sophomore in High School is it to early to apply for financial aid for college and to start filling out FAFSA's?

It is to early to apply for FAFSA...but you can see go to the website MakeitCount and see what your estimated EFC (Expected Family Contribution) is prior to your senior year of high school. You file FAFSA in second semester of your senior year and after.

If you Had no placement in the senior high school what should you do?

If you Had no placement in the senior high school what should you do?

What is the motto of Mayfield Senior School?

The motto of Mayfield Senior School is 'Actions not words'.

What are the senior high schools in Ashanti region?

Prempeh College Yaa Asantewaa Senior High Opoku Ware School Kumasi High School Kumasi Anglican Senior High School Osei Tutu Senior High School

Which senior high school has the largest size of land in Ghana?

Aburaman senior high school

Should a senior send his first semester grades to ucla for his fall 2010 application?

Typically a high school senior will submit his/her transcript which will include their academic performance through mid-senior year. The college or university will make the admissions decision based in part on that transcript. However, most will require an updated transcript immediately after completion of the students senior year.