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maybe a little. Just keep in touch with your doctor and make sure you both monitor the pregnancy closely.

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Q: If you have gallbladder surgery not knowing you are pregnant should you be concerned?
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Is it safe to become pregnant after gallbladder surgery?

yeah, my aunt is a nurse and she says its fine

Are clamps left in during gallbladder surgery?

Are clamps left in after gallbladder surgery?

Can your gallbladder grow back after surgery?

Gallbladder do not grow after surgery. You may not find that loss of gallbladder is problem, in any way.

What are the chances of death in a gallbladder surgery?

With modern techniques, you have almost no chances of death in planned gallbladder surgery.

How long is the surgery for the removal of the gallbladder?

Laparascopic Surgery to remove the gallbladder can take two hours or less.

Can you eat candy after gallbladder surgery?

Yes, you can eat candy after gallbladder surgery. Fatty foods are those that are most likely to cause difficulty after gallbladder removal.

Are there any vegetables you should avoid after gallbladder surgery?

No, there shouldn't be. After gallbladder surgery there are usually no dietary restrictions at all.

Is gallbladder removal considered invasive surgery?

Laparoscopic gallbladder removal is minimally invasive surgery. This is the use of robotics to perform surgery. However, gallbladder removal can also be done through a surgical incision. This would be considered invasive surgery.

What does the medical abbreviation GB surgery mean?

Gallbladder surgery.

What do you call gallbladder surgery?


Is it safe to be pregnant after gallbladder surgery?

It should not be a problem. Consult with your physician, but the lack of a gall bladder should not affect your ability to safely reproduce.

How much fat can you have in a day after you have your gallbladder removed?

There are usually no dietary restrictions after gallbladder surgery.

Can you have surgery when pregnant?

It very much depends on the surgery. In general, elective surgery should not be done during a pregnancy. Emergency surgery, such as appendicits, gall bladder attack, trauma such as in a car accident or a broken bone, sometimes needs to be done inspite of a pregnancy. If you are pregnant and are contemplating elective surgery, certainly your doctor needs to know that you are pregnant. Do not go into any surgery knowing you are pregnant without telling your surgeon.

What is the price for gallbladder surgery for the uninsured?

The price of gallbladder surgery would depend on where the person has the surgery and what the surgeon and the surgical facility charge, and what other tests, etc. might be needed. It will also depend on the type of surgery performed as laparascopic surgery may cost less than open gallbladder surgery. For an accurate price, talk to the surgeon or their staff.

What president had gallbladder surgery at 17?


Can you have gallbladder surgery while on period?


What is the average price of gallbladder surgery IN GA?

The average price of gallbladder surgery in GA varies on many factors but the average cost is $9,700 on average.

What is the medical term meaning gallbladder surgery?

Cholecystectomy is the medical term meaning removal of the gallbladder.

What type of surgery is associated with the gallbladder?

Generally the surgeon will remove your gallbladder. Your gallbladder is usually functionless from the gallstones and you are used to the same. So you will get no problem to adjust with the absence of gallbladder.

What segments of gallbladder are manipulated during surgery?

Gallbladder has no segments. Gallbladder is a bag like or cyst like structure and need to be removed in Toto.

What should you eat after gallbladder surgery?

There are usually no dietary restrictions after gallbladder surgery, but going easy on the fat would be a good idea, since helping the body digest fat was the main purpose of the gallbladder that you just lost.

Is a gallbladder surgery risky?

There is almost no risk in gall bladder surgery. You are in safe hands.

What foods can you eat after gallbladder surgery?

anything i think

How Andy Warhol died?

Complications with a gallbladder surgery

Do you lose or gain weight after gallbladder surgery?