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If you have gotten a GPA below 3.00 for your first two years of high school can you still get into Pinceton if you do well for the next four years?

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Probably not. But don't get discouraged. Just because you may not be able to get into Princeton doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of other viable institutions for you to attend. Many colleges like to see students who have made significant improvements over their high school years, and you could even receive scholarships. Unfortunately because the competition is so high at Ivies, they cannot accept students with great improvement as readily as other institutions can. And remember. Just because it's Ivy, doesn't mean it's for you. Don't let yourself get frustrated. I did, and that's where I made my mistakes. Take it from me, a girl who got 2 Bs freshmen year and had her life dictated by stress over whether or not she would make into the top schools, it's definitely not worth it.

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