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Take a HPT when your period is late. Sore nipples solely I wouldn't rely on as being a pregnancy symptom unless your experiencing other pregnancy symptoms. But there is a chance you cocneived after you saw the GYN.

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Q: If you have irregular periods and last month your gyn confirmed that you were not pregnant but now you have sore nipples with no other symptoms could you be pregnant and when should you take an hpt?
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Flu like symptoms and sore nipples does that mean im pregnant?

When I got pregnant I had sore nipples but no flu like symptoms. Now I have the flu/cold and my nipples are sore (im not pregnant).

If you have irregular periods and for like the past week and a half you have had really sensitive nipples and slight cramps and gassy could you be pregnant?

No. If you have your period, then you aren't pregnant. All of those are symptoms of a woman's period.

Are you pregnant of you have sore nipples and tender breasts?

It could be your hormones, pregnancy symptoms and monthly cycle symptoms are very similar. You should take a test and/ or see your doc to be sure. Hope this helps! (I am pregnant though and have sensitive nipples.)

What are disease symptoms of menopause?

There are no disease symptoms for menopause because it is not a disease. The symptoms of menopause include irregular periods, hot flashes, sensitive nipples, trouble sleeping and mood changes.

Can your dog have nipples and not be pregnant?

Yes, they have nipples just like humans do, pregnant or not. But the nipples get larger when they are pregnant.

You are getting headaches heartburn flaky nipples light headed feeling dizzy gettng white dischrge are your pregnant with all these symptoms?

You don't have to be pregnant with all of these symptoms, I have these symptoms a lot and I am not pregnant. It's very normal for me but I have some other problems. Consult your doctor if you think your pregnant.

Could you be pregnant if you had a miscarriage one month ago and now you feel pregnant again and your boobs and nipples are really sore and you have some symptoms?

yes you could be pregnant.

What are every symptoms of being pregnant?

missed period, nipples are dark, breasts grow, feeling sick/nausea

What do your nipples look like when you are pregnant?

When I was pregnant with my son my nipples got darker.

If you have white spots around your nipples and the hole in your nipples has gone bigger with white around the outside could you be pregnant?

i don't think these are pregnancy symptoms. Maybe you should talk with your doctor

Could u be pregnant if your nipples are hard and sore all the time?

Assuming you are female, yes. Although these symptoms are in no way conclusive.

What are the symptoms of being 6 weeks pregnant?

Of course your missed period. sore nipples. urination a lot. nausea. mood swings.

What if dont have your period and you have cramps?

your probably pregnant, cramping and sore nipples are the first symptoms of pregnancy. Buy a test and find out. Good luck

Could you be pregnant if you missed your period and your nipples are itchy and you have lower abdominal pain?

Those are symptoms of pregnancy. You will need to take a HPT to confirm.

Can you be pregnant if you have heartburn cramps bloated gas nausea dizziness and your breasts hurt and you have little bumps around your nipples but you're never hungry?

Yes you could be pregnant. There pregnancy symptoms.

Nipples become lighter color?

Nipples become darker when pregnant

If a female cat has nipples is she pregnant?

no, it doesnt mean she is pregnant. A male and female cats both have nipples. The females use theirs if they ever get pregnant. It is a storage area for milk for when she is pregnant.

Why do mares nipples swell when not pregnant?

The same as your own nipples: she likes to be petted there!

Can your puppy have nipples and not be pregnant?

Yes it can. All dogs have nipples, even the males.

Could you be pregnant if you have been off of birth control for 4 months and still got your period but you have really sore nipples?

Hello. Because you got your period then you definitely are not pregnant hun. Sore nipples are PMS symptoms and do come with having a period unfortunately. Even if its unusual for you, its because of the period.

Could you be pregnant if you have horrible cramps and your breasts arent sore but your nipples are very very tender?

The only way to find out is to wait for your missed period and take the test. PMS symptoms are the same as pergnancy symptoms.

How do you make your nipples larger?

Get pregnant.

Do the rabbits develop nipples when they are pregnant?


Do sore nipples mean your pregnant?


Could you be pregnant if your period is seven days late and you have tender nipples?

Yes, breast/nipple tenderness and nausea/vomiting are the most common symptoms of pregnancy.