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Yes and no.

There are supplemental insurance programs available - do an internet search for "supplemental insurance."

Programs such as these will help pay that remaining percentage - in most cases, a large portion of it at least.

Adding supplemental coverage can be a good option. I have an accident supplemental that does exactly what you are asking. It will pay up to $5000 per person per year for any expenses related to an accident only that your primary carrier does not pay. This means it will pay for deductibles, co-pays (like your 20%), extra services (your plan only pays for 6 physical therapy visits and you need 10) etc. Because it only pays what your primary carrier does not it is very inexpensive ($30/month for the whole family).

If you also want coverage in the event of illness you can also by supplemental products for that as well.

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Q: If you have medical insurance at work that pays 80 percent of medical bills can you get additional coverage for the other 20 percent?
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