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It depends on your State's statute. Self-insurance usally requires posting a bond in the insurance amount, so just having it in the bank account isn't enough. But you probably could if you wanted to.

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It may be possible although many states limit self insurance to businesses or persons who own a large number of cars. You may be able to purchase a surety bond or be required to place the state's required insurance minimum in a secure deposit with the DMV or State Insurance Commissioner. In the case of placing the insurance amount on deposit- that will need to be transferred out of your own account. You will no longer have free access to those funds. Also, you may have an issue driving out of state since state laws may vary.

When you self insure and the damages are greater than your self insurance amount you are still responsible for the remaining amount of damages.

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Q: If you have one hundred thousand dollars in a bank account can you self-insure your car?
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