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If you are speaking of making payments on line, the answer is probably yes, however most mortgage servicing lenders will accept payments by telephone up to 9 pm cst. try calling the 800 number provided by you mortgage company

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Q: If you have past the time of day to make a mortgage payment on February 28 does this exceed the 30-day limit for the month and will this be reported to the credit bureau?
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How late does a mortgage payment have to be before it can be legally reported to the credit bureau?

The very minute it's late theoretically it could be reported.

Medical bills on credit report?

unpaid collection on medical bills can possibly be reported on bureau, but payment history is not reported.

When do mortgage companies consider a payment late?

pa Late fee's accrue after 5-10 days... however, it is reported to the credit bureau if it is 30 days late. It depends upon the terms of the mortgage, many lenders allow a grace period before assessing delinquent penalties.

Is it true that as long as you make your mortgage payment in the same calendar month the mortgage lender cannot report you as being late onyour mortgage payment correct?

This would only be true if you have it specified in your loan agreement. Otherwise, as a general rule, anything paid after 10 days past the due date is considered late and incurs a late fee as well as being reported to the credit bureau(s) as less than 30 days late

What is the average payment of a mortgage bill?

According to the US census bureau, the average mortgage payment was 1307 dollars in 2000.

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Where can one find the mortgage advice bureau?

The Mortgage Advice Bureau can be found in Pride Place, Derby in the UK. They also have a website which can help one find a mortgage that best suits their needs.

If a car payment is 5 days late can it be reported to the credit bureau?

Short answer, yes. If your lender has a grace period and you exceed it, it can be reported. If your loan doesn't have a grace period, it can be reported as late once received as late. It's at the discretion of the creditor and their policies, which should be spelled out on your contract.

Can a bank attach a unpaid balance to real estate?

Not in Texas. If the unpaid balance is related to your Mortgage then the answer is yes. In this case your home will be foreclosed. an unpaid balance will eventually be reported to the credit bureau.

How is a judgment reported to the credit bureau?


When is your mortage late?

Technically you are late if you make your payment anytime after the due date. The vast majority of mortgages are due on the 1st of the month. Most mortgage companies will not assess a late fee unless you are 15 or more days late. At that point the normal late fee will be 5% of your regular mortgage payment. The lender will not report the late payment to a credit bureau until you are 30 days late.

How do you explain late payments?

When you are late on your payment for a credit card, car loan, mortgage, etc... these "creditors" can report this late payment to the credit bureau that they have a relationship with (either Trans Union, Experian, or Equifax).These credit bureaus in turn stick it on your credit report which negatively affects your credit score.There are30 day late payment items,60 day late payment items,and 90 day late payment items.Many people remove these items by disputing them with the credit bureau (the credit bureau then has 30 days to go back to the creditor to verify the late payment). Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.

Can a judgment be reported to more that one credit bureau?

Yes a judgement can be reported to more than one credit bureau and is usually reported to the three major credit bureaus (equifax, tranunion & experian)

How does a person get bad credit?

By not paying your bills as agreed. Keep in mind that bad entries are reported to the credit bureau if you are over 30 days late from making a payment but make sure that you payment get posted prior to 30 days. Example if you have a car note and its due on the 9th of each month, it will not get reported to the credit bureau unless a payment is not posted by the 8th of that next month as long it will not go over 30 days. You will have to pay late fees but it won't affect your credit. Source: Credit Bible by Phil Turner.

How does a private mortgage holder enter a favorable report on the mortgagee's credit?

A private mortgage holder normally does not belong to a credit bureau; therefore, can not report credit activity to a credit bureau..

If a car is sold after repossession does law state that it must be reported to the bureau as zero balance?

If a car is sold after repossession does the law states that it must be reported to the credit bureau as zero balance?

Can a debt to a foreign creditor be reported to a US credit bureau?

Yes, if there is a legal contract saying that the money is owed it can be reported to the credit bureau. It is up to them to determine if it falls under American Law.

If a person is 4 months late on a car payment can it be reported stolen?

NOT unless it was stolen. Stolen cars are reported stolen. Cars securing a loan in DEFAULT are reported as DELINQUENT to the credit bureau. If you choose to report the car stolen, go ahead. I would not reccommend it though. Filing a false police report is illegal in most jurisdictions.

What can you do when you've been paying medical bills but the hospital reported it to the credit bureau anyway?

First of all if you did not start paying on the medical bills until they were in collection, then they were going to be reported anyway. Although you are currently making payments on an account there are still limitations to how long you can take to make full payment such as 30, 60, 90, and 120 days. Unless specified or if you have made arrangements with the creditor then after 120 days legally they can sue you for the remaining balance. The key to not having it reported is to set up a payment arrangement. The only stipulation to this is if you miss one payment your account can immediately be stne to collections. This is not legal advice. If there is more information not disclosed in the above question, please contact creditor, credit bureau, and a lawyer.

If you received a collection notice and the company stated they reported your account to the credit bureau on Monday if you pay it this week since it is the same week will your score remain the same?

If they reported your account to the credit bureau, your score will decrease whether you paid it or not.

What is a joint loan?

A joint loan is when both individuals are fully responsible for a loan and it will report on both individual's credit bureau. So if both individual don't make a payment or does not pay enough of the monthly payment it will report on both credit bureau files as a late payment.

How does a second mortgage lean on a house effect a credit rating?

Is the questioner asking about having a 2nd mortgage on his house, which WOULD show up on his credit records? Or are we talking about the 2nd mortgage holder filing a lien against his property for non-payment? Actually the answer to both is the same. Any actions taken involving credit transactions WILL show up on a credit bureau reportsand will affect his credit standing.

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