If you have primary physical custody and joint legal custody do you have move rights then the parent that does not have physical custody when it comes to the best interest of the child?

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yes and no. joint legal basically means the other parent can get any and all legal info on the child such as medical records, school records and of course anything legal or court related if the child gets in trouble and in some cases the other parent is invloved in major decision making like life support etc.
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Do you have a right to move the child overseas if you have joint custody with father and you have primary physical custody?

No. A minor cannot be removed from the jurisdiction in which the custody was awarded, without the permission of the other parent and the Family Court. In FL our lawyer told u

If you have joint legal custody and the father has primary physical but delegates all care to his parents and is not involved with the children how hard would it be for the mother to get custody?

The laws vary from state to state, can you narrow it down just a bit? Answer The first issue a judge would address is why the father was awarded primary physical custody in

If you have primary physical custody and joint legal custody can the noncustodial parent stop a child from moving overseas if the parent has been assigned by the Air Force to a station overseas?

Answer i think the real question is whats best for the child which i think is too often not asked - if your job keeps you away from a young child for long periods of time, if

If the parents have joint legal and physical custody of the child but the mother is the primary custodian can she move the child to another school without the father's consent?

It basically depends on where your considering on putting the child, is it within the same school district? Has the custodial parent moved to another home which has a new scho

Can you have joint physical and legal custody?

Yes if ordered by the Judge. But usually they will have a primary residence. Visitation is listed in the order or the other parent. If you don't have an order of custody or it

Does a parent with joint physical custody and joint legal custody have to pay child support?

It depends on a number of different factors. How often do you have the children vs the other parent? What is your income vs the other parent? etc. Child support is supposed to
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What are your rights if you have joint legal custody and the other parent has primary physical custody?

You have the right to a regular visitation schedule that must be followed by the parent with physical custody. You have the right to join in any decisions that must be made re
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We have joint legal custody but the father has primary physical custody. Does he have to provide the child's address?

Of course, unless the other parent to the child or previous spouse is not restricted in any way (such as abuse in any form). Both parents have a right to know where the chi