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Depending on the Operating System, there are 'level' of administrative rights. You may have a level which allows many things like adding users, installing applications and such, but not deep enough access to alter system files, such as would happen in the registry. If you have an authentice reasone to use the registry, contact your lead admin and have them include you in the registry editors group (or whatever they call it at your work)

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Q: If you have the administrative rights on a domain why would you get an access denied error when you try to access the registry?
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What is the cheapest domain registry?

Go Daddy is the cheapest domain registry.There are lots of others that offer domain registry as well.Another one that is cheap is Namecheap. registry.

What is the purpose of the domain names registry?

The purpose of the domain names registry is to store all domain names and the associated registrant information. Domain names are managed under a hierarchy.

What services are offered by the domain registry website?

The domain registry website allows customers to purchase a website with their own custom site names. The domain registry site tells one which names are and aren't available.

When is it possible to use administrative shares?

To use administrative shares you have to belong to a domain. Administrative shares only work on a domain and are default settings.

What is a domain name registry?

A domain name registry is the area where domain names are tracked and registered. This ensures that no domain name is used more than once. This also allows for better search results.

Which companies offer cheap domain registry?

Companies and websites that offer cheap or inexpensive domain registry services include Name Cheap, Cheap Domain, More Host, Network Solutions and GoDaddy.

Each domain in an Active directory installation is a separate what?

Administrative domain.

How does a person get a domain name in the registry?

In order to get a domain name in the registry, one must first have their own unique domain. Once they own one, searching for certain keywords should cause their site to appear in the searches.

What is a domain answer?

A domain in an environment where a client - server architecture exists. Its a administrative boundary.

How cheap is it to get your domain name on the registry?

Getting a domain name on a registry varies in price depending on the type of website. On average it is probably anywhere from $100 to $300 as a rough estimate.

How much is a domain name at the Discount Domains website in New Zealand?

A domain form the New Zealand website Discount Domains costs $27.95/year. GST is not included in this price. Discount Domains have access to the Shared Registry System.

How do you access different features to the active directory?

The Active Directory administrative tools can only be used from a computer with access to a domain. The following Active Directory administrative tools are available on the Administrative Tools menu: Active Directory Users and Computers (dsa.msc) Active Directory Domains and Trusts (domain.msc) Active Directory Sites and Services (dssite.msc)

What is the com part of the web address called?

Top Level Domain (TLD) - which identifies the registration authority which maintains a registry of domain names, their owners and the IP numbers they refer to. COM was created to register domain names intended for commercial use and is the largest registry to date.

What does .com mean at the end of website?

"com" is a top-level domain. It stands for "commercial" because this is the kind of content expected under the TLD. However, it was one of the first TLDs, so it became so common that it is now used for many different purposes.From a technical standpoint, the TDL directs your browser's request (to, for example) to the .com domain registry. That registry then looks for the domain name ("answers") and provides an IP address for the browser to access.

What does domain mean in medieval times?

Domain is the X-access on the graph

Where can one find out about domain registration names?

To find out about domain registration names you can go to Who Is, Network Solutions, Domain Registration, Name Cheap, Life Hacker, VeriSign and Net Registry.

Who participates in the Domain Registry of Canada?

All website owners, whether individual, government (local or federal), small bsuiness or large coropration, participates in the Domain Registry of Canada if they have a web presence outside of free blogs and social network profiles.

Only members of a domain can access systems and resources within that domain?


What 3 types of domain controller does Exchange access?

Global Catalog, Normal Domain Controller, and Configuration Domain Controller

COM dot AU provides what types of domain registration?

The Registry System receives Domain Name information from Registrars. Registrars are effectively the retailers or shop fronts that register Domain Names on behalf of Registrants.

How do you access way2sms in a blocked domain?

This domain is blocked.

Which domain is primarily affected by weak endpoint security on a VPN client?

Remote Access Domain

What kind of services are offered by Net Registry?

The company Net Registry is an online provider for small companies. They offer web domain names registration, web hosting, email marketing, and websites.

What are domain names?

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet. Domain names are formed by the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System (DNS). Any name registered in the DNS is a domain name. If you want to domain names at affordable price then you can contact us

What is the difference between a domain local group global group and a universal group?

Global Group: Members of Global Group can come only from local domain but members can access resources in any domain. Domain Local Group: Members of Local Group can come from any domain but members can access resources only in local domain. Universal Group: Members can come from any domain and members can access resource in any domain. Hope this is easy:)