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In some cases yes...lots of things that i heard about the pill is you have to take it on a regular basis or it isn't affective.My brother the doctor told me that.I would recommend if you think you are pregnant or if you missed a day or 2 on the pill then retake the pregnancy test.With alot of people who haven't started their period then more then likely they are pregnant.

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Q: If you haven't started your period an you missed a day with your birth control and you just start spot bleeding are you pregnant?
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You just started taking your birth control and you missed a pill can you get pregnant?

no, if you havent had sex.

You have light bleeding like once a day for like 3 days but havent started your period?

you could be pregnant

What are the chances of getting pregnant in these circumstances Your on birth control but havent started your new pack yet and you had sex and the condom fell off inside of you but you dont know when?


My boyfriend ejaculated inside me and then that same day i started my birth control and havent had my period yet is there any possibility im pregnant?

sorry to say, but there is. you should have started taking it a week ahead of time. i'd get tested.

Could a pregnancy test come back positive if the fetus dies and you havent started bleeding yet?

yes but this is called still birth.

If you have taken two pregnancy tests and both said you were not pregnant but you still havent started your period could you be pregnant?

Yes. You might require an actual blood test to see if you are pregnant.

I quit birth control two months ago and havent started my period is that normal?

yes it can take 6 months to normalize your flow and 3 years to get pregnant. so relax and good luck Joymaker rn

Can you fall pregnant if you have not yet reached puberty?

No, you cannot become pregnant as you are not fertile yet. But you shouldn't be having sex in the first place if u havent yet started puberty.

Does Effexor affect the birth control pill?

My doctor has told me it does not. Ive taken both for 2 years and I havent gotten pregnant.

What does it mean if you are having pink or red vaginal discharge?

if you havent started your periods this is what it could be. If you have started your periods and this is occurring before or after you period is about to start it could b spotting if its possible it isn't spotting i would go seek a doctors opinion answer ovulation bleeding or implantation bleeding

Can you get pregnant if you havent even started your periods?

If you begin to have sex before you've begun to have periods, then you can very well become pregnant before ever having had your first visible period.

Can you have a baby if you havent started your period?


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