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If you just installed a 600W dimmer and at the max level you are only getting about half of the full intensity of light how can you fix this?


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2010-02-02 03:48:02
2010-02-02 03:48:02

Yes, this is not an unusual experience with some less expensive dimmers, but you need to check to make sure you have set the dimmer properly when installing it. A number of dimmers have a small screw setting hidden either under the slide mechanism or elsewhere (see the instructions). This adjustment is used to adjust the function of the dimmer, and might solve your problem. Other dimmers are not rated for full output. If the one you have cannot be adjusted exchange it for a full power rated higher quality dimmer. Lutron makes dimmers ranging from moderately to crazily expensive. Buy the least expensive model that will function for you. You have a choice between magnetic or solid state dimmers. For regular voltage applications the magnetic dimmers should be fine. Also, dimmers are easily damaged. Make certain that you install them with power off at the panel and at the dimmer switch. Some dimmers have both a power-on switch and a dimmer slider. Turn it completely off before restoring the electric service to it.

OR, one half of the internal full wave rectifier is not working (the part that "chops" up the AC voltage to give the dimming effect). That is why you can only get half brightness, the rectifier can only let through half the power. Sorry, not realistically repairable - much cheaper to buy a new switch.


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