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You must know a little about each other to know each of you likes the other. Start by talking about your futures and what you are striving for in the future. Talk about your favorite music groups, what movies you like, and the rest will come naturally after a few dates. Just be yourself and people don't always have to constantly talk. Going to a movie one night gives you a couple of hours of silence and a reprieve in a way, so try that or you could double date until you get use to dating each other. Let Mother Nature take her course. Good luck Marcy

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Q: If you know a girl likes you and you like her what can you say to her if this will be the first time you ever talked to her?
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What do you do when one of your friends who is a girl tells you that her friend who is a girl likes you but the girl who likes you has never talked to you?

Get to know her, if she seems to relate to you date her but its up to you to decide

Can a girl fall in love with a boy that she really likes and is friends with someone that she's known forever but has not talked to the boy she really likes?


How do you know if a girl likes you if you have never met or anything but only talked over the internet?

Ask her.

What are the Signs a guy likes a girl that he's only talked to on messenger?

When he says: i <3 u

Has Joe Jonas ever kissed a girl he likes?

why not

A non-shy girl says she loves you and hastily walks away and she hasn't talked to you since what does that mean?

that means she likes you

Can you tell if a girl likes you by them constantly looking at you?

yes that is a sign that they like you. But it's a creepy sign. because if you've nenver talked to the girl how do you know they like you or you like them.

Like one girl but another girl likes you?

Don't be distracted. Unless the person has talked to you, you don't have to respond to her advances. Talk to the girl you like so you can at least start working on a relationship.

Has Cody Simpson ever kissed a girl?

yes hes kissed a girl at school that he really likes

The right time to ask a girl out?

well the best time would probably be after uve talked to her and r almost sure she likes u.

What does it mean to have a guy blow in your ear?

I talked to my mom about it and she said guys use it to turn a girl on or see how close they can get to them. The point is, he likes u. ;-)

Has Kim HeeChul ever dated a girl?

Based on interviews and shows when the talked about his ex-girlfriends... I will say Yes to this

What do you do if your 12 and you never had girlfriend ever or kissed a girl and you like this girl?

Find out if she likes you too, preferably by asking her.

Who was the first girl that Bella talked to at school?

in both movie & book jessica

When will a guy give up on a girl he likes if he has never talked to her and try to forget her?

Mostly if you like a girl you should try to buy some attention so she will pay more attention to you

This girl never talked to me but talks about me a lot to her best friends what does it mean?

She may like you but she is shy and she is telling her friends stuff about you. If you like her, you can hang out with her. I am positive she likes you. If she doesn't then she is an odd girl.

Who was the first girl to ever play in the super bowl?

Glen Ellyn was the first girl/female to ever play in the superbowl

How do you talkto a guy you like if he likes another girl?

Talk to him in a way that is not so obvious that you want to be with him or that if he should stop liking the girl that he likes.... idk what ever you feel is right !

How do you find out if a girl you never talked too likes you.. she stares at you sometimes and you keep eye contact in a bit of time 5sec or something.. you think she likes you and you want to ask her?

=if she stares at you alot she probably fancys you=

What do you do when a girl likes you?

dear who ever asked this if a girl likes you ask yourself do you like her if you do show her some signs that you do. if you don't then just treat her like you normally would but be kind to her trust me on this im an girl any way you should be nice to her because she probably knows that you know that she likes you get what I'm saying and talk to her first if she does know that you know that she like you then she will be very embarrassed to talk to you so talk to her first and after you do that for a couple of days then she will feel better

Is it wrong that you have a crush on a girl you never talked to?

Not at all but that not talking to part could always change

How do you ask out a girl you have barely and vaguely ever talked to?

First start talking to her more, and get her interested in you, then either ask her out, or first ask her would you go out with me? Then carry on from that point. But be smart when you make your choice, make shure she is the right one for you.

A girl says she likes you as a friend?

that means she will not date you ever!!!!!!!!!! means you have no chance of scoring with her

Is it too soon to know if this girl likes you?

it is never too soon to know if a girl likes you usually they just wait for you to make the first move

When to give a girl the first kiss?

when she is talking to you and you know that she likes you