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People don't have SSN#'s unless they have at one point been a citizen of the USA. people with legal Green Cards and who are working can get a ssn--you can not work in the US without one I do not think

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The person or persons requesting the worksheet should supply their requirements in a document?


How do you replace your lost Medicare card?

The best way to replace a lost Medicaid card is by requesting one online. In order to request one online the persons name needs to be the same on their recent social security card, must have a social security number, and show proof of date of birth.

If You are a us citizen but your mother is an illegal immigrant?

If a persons mother is illegal and they are a citizen, the citizen can file for a Visa for the mother. The citizen will need to file papers with the INS for citizenship.

The person or persons requesting the worksheet should supply their requirements in what kind of a document?

requirements documentyes

What kind of document should a person or persons requesting the worksheet should supply their requirements?

I moo cow

Could you inform me about social security death benefits?

When an individual dies, social security should be notified as soon as possible and the funeral director will report the persons death and they will require that persons social security number.

Can a person who has been in the US illegally for over ten years get their social security number and work legally when they marry an US citizen?

No, the SSA will not issue SS numbers to persons who are not of legal status within the US.

What do you understand by network security?

network security means protecting data and resources from access by unauthorized persons

How do you get a persons army serial number?

now days a military serial number is the assigned social security number. find the persons social security number and you have the army serial number............

How do you get a presidential pardon?

A person can apply for a presidential pardon. There is extremely detailed paperwork that must be filled out about the nature of the persons conviction.

Can a citizen request information on background of police officers?

Under law, certain aspects of employee background information (such as criminal record) is considered to be public, and available upon request. More often than not, requesting background checks on government-employed persons is not a violation of privacy towards the person, and is legal.

Which amendment declared all persons born or naturalized in the US a citizen?

14th amendment

What passport do English persons use?

A British passport. If they are a UK citizen

The person or persons requesting the worksheet should supply their requirements in a what kind of document?

In Project Management, this is called a requirements document or specifications document.

Do social security still cover health insurance for adults?

Social Security is not a health insurance program. Medicare covers medical care for persons over age 65 and certain persons who are totally and permanently disabled as defined by Social Security regulations.

What famous persons did their duty as a citizen?

Draco, Solon, Peisistratos, Cleisthenes, Ephialtes, Pericles, Socrates .....

How do i get a person's social security number?

You need to get that person and take them to the DPS for a new social security card. Getting a persons social security without their permission is illegal.

Will social security benefits be enough to provide through the average persons retirement?

No, social security benefits are expected to run out after 2020.

Who do you contact if a person is using a dead persons social security number?

the police

Can you open a bank account with a dead persons social security?

Only illegally

In excel the person or persons requesting the worksheet should supply their requirements in a document?

This is not a question--it is a statement. Ask again as a question, so it is clear what you want to know.

What is the social security index?

The social security index is a database of deceased persons in the United States identified by social security. The index is available for public access to find specific records.

Is a persons social security number and their taxpayer identification number the same thing?


Why you need firewalls security?

to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to a private network

Can you find a persons place of employment by social security number?

I belive so but it is illegal.