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Yes. Otherwise they'll get deeper and deeper into it. At lease they have a fighting chance if you tell them.

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Q: If you know people who are being hurt by a narcissist should you tell those people that he is a narcissist?
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Can someone with narcisistic personality disorder be faithful?

I believe the short answer is "no." A narcissist believes that all people should love him. Therefore, once he has gained your love, you will be just like everyone else. Narcissists are only attracted to those who do not love them. To love a narcissist is to experience heartbreak.

Is Hanabusa Satsuki from Yumeiro Patissiere a narcissist?

it's never stated clearly, like "I'm a narcissist!" But most people think so and at certain moments some characters( for example ichigo) think "narcissist" or something along those lines

Can a narcissist be shy?

they can be quiet. a cerebral narcissist may not approach people or talk to those they feel are inferior, or that will not stimulate them in a way that provides supply. otherwise it would just be an act that furthers the false self they are portraying, or as a way of observing during the period where they decide what quality of supply source you will be. a shy person is timid, and afraid of being hurt in a social situation. the narcissist is malicious.

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What traits would disprove that someone has narcissistic personality disorder?

It's difficult to prove a negative. If a narcissist finds out some of those characteristics, all he has to do is be a good actor. Not being a narcissist is the only quality one could have to prove one is not a narcissist. There is no act a person can perform or one thing a person can do that would prove once and for all that the person is not and never has been and never will be a narcissist. Yet all the same, if you are not a narcissist, other people will recognize this fact, just as if you are, that too will come to light. Empathy. Narcissist's do not posess it nor do they understand it.

Can relationship make you a narcissist?

not so much a narcissist but for sure you will notice in hindsight that you were beginning to act like those morons do.......a co-dependent

What Christian faith says about living with sociopath or narcissist?

I think they'd say it's not the best thing in the world, those can be tough people to live with.

How do you get a narcissist to fall for you?

Why bother? He will only be falling for those bits of himself that he sees in you.

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How do you make a narcissist attracted to you?

I think narcissists subconsiously classify their romantic relationships in two types; those who are "inferiors" who are meant to worship them and those who are "great" who might understand them and who are worthy of setting boundaries and limits. Narcissists are not ever really attracted to the "inferiors". If the inferiors ever contradict them, they are disposable. They treat inferiors differently than "great" people. Inferiors aren't allowed to set limits and make rules for the kind of treatment they receive from the narcissist. If they try to tell the narcissist they didn't appreciate their treatment, the narcissist laughs at them. Narcissists are attracted to the "greats" and might actually try to get a "great" back after offending him/her. "Greats" are those who can help the narcissist project his great image to the outside world. So, if you want a narcissist to be attracted to you, you should create an image or mirage that a narcissist can brag about to his friends. The "truth" about your accomplishments can be stretched a little. If you know a cerebral narcissist, you should inform him of your great cerebral goals and accomplishments. Buff up your job resume. Going out with him is almost like interviewing for a job (i.e., I received this GPA at Harvard and discovered the cure for cancer. I am also running a marathon and hope to give a piano concert a Carnegie Hall.) If you know a somatic narcissist, you should get a boob job or plastic surgery if you feel like he thinks you're his "inferior". If you look homely compared to your narcissist - cerebral or somatic, fix it by going on a diet, buying nice clothes, or getting cosmetic surgery. Almost any image is fixable in modern day times. Your image that you project to the world should be equally "great" if you want equal treatment and respect from your narcissist. Then, once your worth is almost equal to his, start setting boundaries and let him know he is disposable when he pulls one of his tricks. Maybe even leave him. There is nothing that makes a narcissist fall in love faster than him taking a little abuse and coming back for more. Narcissists are attracted to submissive people who worship them and have the same belief that only some people are "worthy". For instance, if a narcissist has the belief that people are only "OK" if they make all A's in school, then he is attracted to a submissive person who believes that she must make A's. Whether she makes the A's or not does not really matter. She must understand how hard it is to be as great as the narcissist and absolutely worship him and his screwed up beliefs. So, if you want to attract a narcissist, first you must be submissive and "safe" for him to approach. You should dress in washed out submissive colors, have submissive body language with a slight head tilt and with your toes slightly pointed inward, and your voice should be soft. You should give him a lot of eye contact and individual attention. You should say things that focus on the narcissist's greatness. You should compliment him on whatever traits he values most in himself. If he has certain goals, you should have similar goals or make some up and look upon his goals with utmost awe. You can also devalue those around him who would not measure up in his belief system. He loves to feel superior to people around him. The real question here is why would you want a narcassist attracted to you? They will never like you, they will only like what you can do for them. I wouldn't waste my time. This guy will use you up, spit you out and then be baffled as to why you don't want to do it all over again.

Should you tell friend their partner is narcissist?

A - How do you know they are narcissist? B - Why do you assume that the friend doesn't already know? C - Why do you think they might want to know? D - Is it any of your concern? If you can satisfactorily (and honestly) answer those questions then yes, tell the friend, otherwise leave the matter lie.

Can a narcissist really fool people into believing he likes them and values their friendship?

That entirely depends upon the value system of the "target" of the narcissist. For the naive, loyal, trusting sorts...the answer is likely "yes." For those who effectively learn from and use previous life experiences to form their value system and this results in useful critical thinking, healthy suspicions or healthy self-confidence....the answer is likely "no." I believe the most confounding characteristic of the narcissist is that "bait-and-switch-and-then-switch-back-to-the-bait" socializing technique of theirs! They're nice. They're a terror. They turn back to nice. On the receiving end, this is...confusing. And for many, especially those who believe all people are inherently "good,"...there's the inclination to cling to the nice-part of the narcissist; a personal hope/belief that the narcissist will somehow BE or RETURN to BEING that "nice" person that s/he first met or has known. It's hard to let go of that nice or charming person whom they initially knew or met...

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Should you intervene when people are arguing?

If you do not know those people, you should not. Though you can talk to them after the argument.

How likely is a Narcissist to use recreational drugs?

Drug and alcohol abuse is very common among people who suffer from depression and those who suffer from anxiety. I haven't seen evidence that narcissist are more likely than anyone else to use drugs. Or less may be part of their recreation

What is a benign narcissist?

A benign narcissist is someone who achieves their self-serving goals in ways that don't damage other people. They don't typically try to use, exploit or control those around them for their own ends. A typical narcissist, however, works from the mindset of: "I win, and I don't care if you lose," or, "Your loss is my win." Everything with a typical narcissist is a zero sum game and they are impossible to have long term relationships with because they exploit the insecurities of others around them to feed their own egos.

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Will a narcissist destroy those who back them in corner over their lies?

They sure will TRY! Two words: NO CONTACT!

Is it necessarily true that those involved with a narcissist have low self-esteem?

No, not at all. Many people get involved with a narcissist not knowing that they are a narcissist. You can have very high self esteem when you meet these people. They are cunning charmers and it can take you quite some time to work out what they're about. In the process of it all though if you become a victim of the "N"s ways your self esteem may plummet. You may start to question who you are. It can chip away at your self esteem before you even realize it's happening.

Do narcissists or people with PDs try to rekindle relationships even if they've been dumped?

A "true" narcissist will always, without fail, attempt to hang onto any relationship in which the narcissist gains "narcissistic supply." A "true" narcissist will not be deterred! They will do what it takes, say what it takes and follow-up with whatever actions are necessary to hang onto narcissistic supply. They will attempt to rekindle the broken relationship because they do not accept the fact that the relationship is over. If you respond in any calls, text messages, letters...etc...the narcissist accepts this as proof that he still holds some interest in your life. He will remain relentless in his attempt to gain any attention whatsoever from his! You may find it flattering that someone seems so attached to you that they will do anything to keep you around, but just know that you are not a human being in the sense that we are human beings. People, to the "true" narcissist", are simply objects in which to gain the attention they so desperately crave. If you can accept that fact (and it is a fact) feel free to continue a relationship with a narcissist. However, if you ever wish to have a meaningful and intimate relationship, you should search out and find a healthy human being. The narcissist will always be a narcissist and there is nothing in the world that will change that fact. Nothing! It is unfortunate because, generally speaking, narcissists are talented, charming and successful people. They simply do not possess empathy or compassion for any human on the planet. Those emotions are not present in the narcissist nor will they ever become present. The part of the psychological make up found in normal-healthy minds is absolutely missing in the narcissist. EXAMPLE: If a person were born without legs, that person could have artificial legs attached. However, the artificial legs will never "grow" naturally. A person born without empathy or the capacity to love does have the ability to observe the behaviors of others who feel empathy and love. The narcissist can learn to mimick the behaviors of empathy and love. The narcissist will never have the ability to "grow" feelings of empathy or love. That simple!

Is it possible to reunite with a narcissist?

Only if you want to be used, abused, lied to and emotionally harmed more.Answer Yes, it is possible to reunite with a narcissist. Aside from teens, on-off relationships are generally between those with NPD and those with BPD, because they're generally both afraid of both engulfment and abandonment.

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