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The footprints on the moon left by the astronauts will still be there in a few thousand years. They will eventually be covered with new dust from micrometeorites.

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Q: If you left footprints on the moon what would happen to them?
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Can a footprint be left on the moon?

yes it can because there are some footprints on the moon left by the astronauts

Who put their footprint on the moon?

The 12 Apollo astronauts have left their footprints on the moon.

What did Neil Armstrong leave on the moon?

He left a flag and his footprints!

What would happen if the moon was on the left and the sun is on the right?

Nothing would happen if the moon was on the left and the sun on the right. The moon and sun are often on different sides of the earth.

What has been left up on the moon?

flags, footprints, retrospective mirrors

Whether the footprints of human beings are still present on the Moon?

Oh yes the footprints left on the moon by the astronauts , will remain there for years or centuries. The reason is that there is no wind on the moon surface. So there is no chance of dust covering those footprints.

How can there be footprints on the moon with no gravity?

There is gravity on the moon, it is just weaker than it is on Earth. There is fine sand on the moon. if you step on it, of course there would be footprints.

Why do the footprints on the moon look the same every time?

As long as no one touches or disturbs them, footprints on the Moon will look the same, and will remain unchanged forever. On the moon, there is no wind that would cover the footprints, and there is no water or rain that would wash the footprints away.

Why will the footprints left on the moon by Apollo astronauts last forever?

There is no erosion on the moon surface because there is no wind or water to flow over the landscape. So, the footprints have nothing to disturb them and will remain as long as the moon remains.

What is the reason footprints are on the moon?

There is no wind, and barely any gravity so the footprints will stay on the moon for yyyyyeeeeaaaarrrrrrsssss.

If a astronaut landed on the moon how long would the footprints stay there and why?

There were recent amazing pictures released to the press of the surface of the moon which showed many of the objects left on the moon including footprints! So you know the footprints last over 40 years because it has been that long since Neil Armstrong made history with the first footprints on the moon. There is no atmosphere on the moon therefore no rain, wind or water flow so the only thing that will destroy the footprints is space debri of either man made materials or rocks such as a meteor storm. Scientist from different nationsintentionally crash objects into the moon for various studies.

What would you see on the moon?

It's white surface, Craters, If you were on the moon you probably find a lot of rocks. You also would find an American flag still there (hopefully) and also footprints left behind.

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